Forget About It

Bad Enough For You

Harry’s P.O.V

Oh god. Oh god. Well this isn’t awkward at all. Nope. Okay that’s a lie is this probably the most awkward situation EVER. No actually this is the most awkward situation ever. Plus Kevin is coming round later. Now that will be fun, seeming as he doesn’t seem to remember who I am. He must have been more drunk than I thought. Oh no. Just a reminder also this was the guy who made me realize that I wasn’t completely straight. Yes I’ve met him once but still from what I remember hes beautiful and that was the best sex I have ever had. So yeah this will be fun. What if he remembers me though and hates me?! I shouldn’t of left. Why did I even decide to come to Scotland? I come here and this happens. Next time I sleep with someone I’m going to keep note of the accent they have and never travel to that country ever just in case of the slight chance I may meet them again.
‘Hey, are you alright?’ I looked up to see Connor standing there.
‘Um. Yeah I’m fine.’
‘If your worrying about the thing with Kev, its fine he honestly doesn’t remember you’
I don’t know whether that makes me feel better about this whole thing or worse. Better in a way worse in another.
‘Just a warning hes coming round in 10 minutes.’
Oh shit, kill me now. Please. Either this will be awkward or he wont talk to me at all. Or he might see my face and remember me. What if hes straight?! Harry you say that as if you are going to get with him or something. Well you never know. I think I would actually like to know this guy. Like properly. Then I’ll tell him who I am and everything like that. I mean I have too. I’m just wondering why his friends didn’t tell him that he had sex with a random guy. No idea, but in a way this is better than if he did know. Just then there was a knock at the door. Oh shit.

Kevin’s P.O.V

I stepped inside one of my bestfriends houses to see a random guy sitting on the sofa. Who is he?! Does Connor know hes here?! What if he is a burglar or something? Yes Kevin because a burglar would sit on your sofa, wouldn’t he? Well you never know.
‘Um, who is this?’ I turned to Connor.
‘This is Harry, hes from America’
Well thank god hes not a burglar. But why does Harry look so familiar?! I’ve never seen him before in my life, I couldn’t of. Well I could maybe I saw him passing by when we was in America about two years ago. I could of but it feels like I have met him before? I don’t know. Maybe I will ask Connor as he might know.
‘Hi’ I turned my attention to the voice I am guessing was talking to me.
Why is this guy talking to me, I don’t know him.
‘Um. I’m Harry’
‘Hey, I’m Kevin.’
Well that was awkward. I don’t even know why it was awkward just was. I still think I know this Harry guy though.
‘Connor, can I talk to you?’ I asked.
Maybe he will know where I know where he is from?
‘Yeah sure’
We walked into the kitchen, where I shut the door behind us just incase Harry had like secret bat ears or something.
‘Do we know that Harry guy?’
Something flashed across Connors face, before he just smiled.
What even?
‘No no we don’t. He is one of Andy’s friends from America’
Well that was weird. How do I think I know this guy then? Unless Connors lying. But why would he do that? Hm.
♠ ♠ ♠
Well this is shit