Forget About It

Oh Well, Oh Well

Harry’s P.O.V

Okay. So that was the most awkward two hours of my life and all I did was sit there and occasionally answer a question when Connor or Kevin asked me something. It’s safe to say Kevin doesn’t remember me at all. That’s the worse part. I know he’s going to be around here more and more too because Connor and Kevin are well bestfriends. Just my luck, on my first day here I manage to find out I have been fucked by the guy’s bestfriend I am staying with. Yay for being unlucky.

‘So. What are you going to do about it?’

I looked up to see Connor with a smile on his face.

Well I can’t exactly tell him can I? That would awkward. How would you even go around to telling someone that they fucked you but were too drunk to even remember it? Awkwardly that’s how. Maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea then.

‘I can’t really do anything about it can I? I will just never mention it it’s not like I already have a crush on him or anything’

That’s a lie and you know it Harry. You have met him twice and you’re already beginning to have a crush on him? Good luck with that. Nothing will happen though.

‘You could tell him and hope for the best?’

Dammit. He has a point it would make a lot more sense and he will find out one day. Hopefully that will be after we start going out though. I mean, I didn’t just think that. I don’t even know whether he is gay or not. It could of just been a stupid one night ‘I am too drunk’ thing.

‘Is he even gay? Or you know likes guys like that at all?…’ I trailed off knowing what my answer would be.

‘He actually does. He’s gay Harry. We kind of realized that when he made out with you, and then he told us all about a year ago.’

He’s gay? Well that’s a plus I guess least he is not straight I bet he has a boyfriend though a guy that attractive can’t not be in a relationship it would literally be impossible. Knowing my luck he would probably be into one night stands instead of a proper relationship.

‘Really? Does he have a boyfriend or something? I mean he must do’

‘Why? Do you like him already or something?’

Shit. This is why I shouldn’t of asked. Oh god.

I nodded, dammit there’s times like this where I wish I still had my fringe so I could hide behind it.

‘It’s just a crush. A small one’

‘Until it grows and then you like him. Just to let you know his most recent boyfriend cheated and had sex in their bed. He isn’t over it. Please just don’t mention it.’

Why would anyone cheat on him though? He’s so beautiful and seems like such a lovely person too. Oh god. Harry stop that you barely know him. Stop it now. You know there will be no way he would like you anyway .

‘Oh. Thank you for the heads up.’

‘Not a problem. Just get to know him more please before you do anything? I wouldn’t mind if you went out with him, I just don’t want him hurt again.’

Makes sense. I would be the same over Andy. Just I hope my crush doesn’t get anymore than just a crush. That would be bad. Well not really I just don’t want to explain everything to him. Especially about him being the best sex I have ever had, making me realize I was bi and well the whole thing causing me to break up with my girlfriend at the time. Probably the best thing I ever did. Now all I have to do is make sure I don’t get too close to Kevin. Somehow I think this won’t be as easy as it sounds. Especially when I am living with his bestfriend. Wow how fun.
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This is kinda shit sorry