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So Wrong, It's Right


"Gaskarth!" Mr. Barakat's voice boomed in the younger's ears causing him to grit his teeth and squeeze his hands into tight fists until his knuckles went white.

"What?!" Alex snapped, he was fed up with Mr. Barakat shouting at him for no reason.

"I do believe I asked you a question?" Mr. Barakat calmed his voice and leaned back on his large wooden desk that sat at the front of the class. He had his slender arms folded across his chest as a smirk sat comfortably on his face.

Jack Barakat may have been a young teacher at the mere age of twenty-seven, yet he knew how to control a class, in fact better than most teachers twice his age. The only down side to his job as a young teacher was the all the girls that fawned over him. And the occasional male.

"I do believe you're a prick," Alex looked up through his heavy blonde fringe and smirked as the whole class sat muttering to each other in disbelief.

"Well, Alex, I'm sorry you feel this way," Jack stood and walked over to the younger's desk before slipping a small blue sheet of paper onto it; a detention slip. "You'll have two weeks detention with me after school, so if you think I'm a prick, I'm going to get worse. Now get on with your work." Jack walked back over to his desk sat down and gave a smug look to Alex who sat in shock that he didn't get a worse punishment.

The rest of the class were snickering as they filed out of last period English whilst Alex sat looking as if he could kill the older male with his glare. Alex was so fucking sick and tired of being told what he can and can't do, he was seventeen; he should be given more freedom then he was receiving.

"Oh, cheer up Alex, it's only two hours here...everyday...after school...for two weeks." Jack grinned and stood up, collecting his satchel and shoving his files in the small fitted bag.

"Shut up," Alex growled.

"Alex, you will not tell me to shut up, if you do I'm afraid I'll have to punish you." Jack walked over to Alex who was already stood and was gritting his teeth. Jack admired the way the younger's prominent jaw moved and tensed in a way he'd never seen before. Jack thought the younger was unbelievably gorgeous and yes, maybe he had made the detention sentence a little too long on purpose.

Then the words sank into Alex's head, the way Jack had said 'I'll have to punish you,' surely he meant nothing by it, it was probably just a threat for more detentions. His mouth went dry and he would have been so grateful for water right then.

"Ugh, fine. What do I have to do anyway?" Alex rolled his eyes, picked up his bag, pulled it over his shoulder and shoved his hands into his jacket pockets before following Jack out of the small classroom and down the deserted halls.

"Well, I've got paper work to do. You however will be doing some reading, how does Shakespeare sound to you?" Jack called over his shoulder as he turned into his office that was in a small hut by the science labs.

"Fantastic," Alex gave a sickly sweet smile that left Jack chuckling.

It'd been half an hour of basic silence apart from the odd sigh from both males, the hut was small and only had one window that basically let in no light at all what-so-ever. Alex peered up from his book to see Jack with his fingers weaved into his messy, raven hair, his shirt undone by three buttons and his chest heaving heavily; another sigh. Alex bit into his bottom lip, that was the only reason Alex 'hated' Jack for... It had happened a year ago when he first saw Mr. Barakat teaching his English literature class, straight away Alex thought he was one of the best looking guys he had ever seen and that thought scared him, especially because it would forever be forbidden territory. Then one day Jack had just so happened to be passing by him and Alex's friend Cassadee talking how they both 'wanted to fuck Mr. Barakat so much it hurt'. The comment earned raised eyebrows from said teacher and that was it. However Alex had since put up a front that he hated the teacher when really he just had to control the urge to rip his shirt off, shove him on the desk and ride him.

"You look happy," Alex chucked the book to the side, him not really reading it in the first place.

"Oh, I am. Completely fucking ecstatic in fact," Jack replied looking through seemingly pointless pieces of paper.

"You're a teacher, you're not supposed to swear." Alex faked a shocked expression causing Jack to laugh a little as he sat back into the large, comfy looking leather chair. Alex marveled the way as he sat further back his shirt opened a little revealing more of his perfectly slim yet sculpted chest, Alex swallowed and bit into his bottom lip once more.

"Out of office hours," Jack gave a small shrug.

"Oh," Alex looked down to his feet and shifted in his chair, feeling unbearably awkward and vulnerable.

"Hey, do you remember that time you and your friend," Alex's head snapped up as soon as the words fell from his lips, "Cassadee were stood, talking about wanting to fuck me?" Jack laughed as he saw Alex's comfortableness grow.

"W-what? N-no." Alex gulped and felt his face burn up.

"Yeah, you were at lunch and I walked past literally as you said it." Jack smirked, yeah he enjoyed making Alex uncomfortable.

"W-why didn't I get told off?" Alex played with his fingers.

"Because," Jack said standing up and going over to the seemingly nervous Alex. He knelt down and leaned in, to whisper to him, "I would never object," Jack laughed again as Alex squeezed his eyes shut.

"W-what? We can't, c-can we?" Alex stuttered and gnawed on his bottom lip as Jack ghosted his mouth across his jawline.

"Who would know?" Jack kissed on the spot just below the younger's ear, he probed the sensitive spot with his pointed tongue making Alex fling his head back and let out a small moan.

"Mr. B-Barakat, should w-we?" Alex gulped again as Jack kissed at his adam's apple when he swallowed.

"I want to, do you Lex?" He stood to go and lock the door, as Jack turned back around to face Alex once more, he slowly started to unbutton his shirt further before tearing it away from his torso.

That was all Alex needed to give him the confirmation he needed, he stood from the chair and sauntered over to Jack letting his hips sway as he did so. He reached Jack and instinctively pushed him against the pale, white wall. He immediately attached his lips to Jack and licked against his bottom lip before shoving his tongue into the elders mouth, just exloring every part he could; tasting. Jack let out a small groan before taking Alex's hips into his hands and slamming him against the wall instead.

"Dammit," Alex laughed as Jack hitched Alex's leg up so it sat around his waist.

"I'm older and stronger," Jack shrugged before finding his place again on Alex's lips.

Alex brought his hips closer to Jack's as he felt him grind against him; filthy, dirty, hot. The way Alex liked it. Jack moved his mouth down across Alex's neck leaving a small trail of little hickeys leading down to his collarbone that was partially clothed by his t-shirt.

"Take this off," Jack said, tugging on the light blue v-neck Alex was still wearing.

Jack took a step back as Alex tugged the soft fabric over his head causing his caramel blonde locks to mess up slightly.

"You're so beautiful," Jack sighed happily.

"Shut up," Alex rolled his eyes and made grabby hands to Jack.

Jack took Alex's hand and lead him over to the desk, in one swift movement sheets of paper were floating to the floor and Alex's back was being slapped against the cool, shiny plastic. Alex let out a small hiss as the initial pain of being slammed against a desk hit him. Jack giggled as he climbed onto the desk with ease so he could straddle Alex properly.

"H-how's this gonna work?" Alex looked around the ceiling, trying his best to avoid the daunting eyes of Jack.

Jack kissed Alex's chin and gently nudged his nose against it to encourage him to look, "it's up to you," Jack whispered and slowly moved his hips in small circles against Alex causing him to let little moans spill from his parted lips.

"I w-wanna ride you," Alex groaned as Jack began to suck on his nipples.

"Ok," Jack shifted and slowly kissed down Alex's slim body, he reached his navel and began to gently graze his teeth across that spot before licking along the waistband of his jeans.

"Get on with it," Alex growled as he peered down to Jack who was undoing his jeans at a tauntingly slow pace.

"So fucking needy," Jack laughed and gently pulled down Alex's tight jeans and boxers in one movement. He spat into his hand and wrapped it tightly around Alex's length causing the younger to let out a choked whine. "Not bad Gaskarth," Jack taunted jokingly and rolled his thumb over the head. Alex collapsed letting his body lay flat against the desk.

"F-fuck Mr. B-barakat," Alex brought his hands up and weaved them into his sweaty locks and pulled on them gently.

"Call me Jack, you twat," Jack smirked as he twirled his tongue over his slit.

"I w-wanna fuck you so bad Jack, shit." He groaned, his throat dry and his voice deep and hoarse.

"Well, ok then," Jack laughed and took the whole of Alex into his mouth, Alex groaned loudly and instinctively reached down and pulled on Jack's hair harshly.

Jack pulled off Alex and quickly tore off his own black trousers and boxers. He walked over to the leather chair that sat in the mist of paper that scattered the floor. He sat down and started to rub his own dick, knowing exactly how to tease himself, Alex stood and gripped onto the edge to the desk for stability; he felt dizzy, the sight of Jack jerking himself off and the realisation that this was actually happening all got to him at once. It became his driving force.

Jack leaned forward and opened the second draw before pulling out a sachet of lube.

"Pro-active?" Alex giggled and walked over to Jack before straddling his thighs and moaning as their dicks brushed against each other briefly.

"No, prepared I think," he shrugged.

"Oh, so you do this often with students?" Alex buried his face into Jack's damp neck as he probed Alex's tight entrance with one of the lubed digits.

"No, but if I'm here until late marking, yeah you get me. Now shut up you," Jack laughed and pushed two fingers into Alex, he began to gently scissor the younger open, Alex was biting at Jack's neck trying to hold in the moans that he felt bubbling up in his throat.

"Fuck me already," Alex growled into Jack's ear before rolling his lobe between his teeth.

Jack withdrew his fingers making Alex whine, low and needy; wanting.

"God, you are such a slut Lex!" Jack laughed and bit his lip as he rubbed the clear, sticky gel of the lube onto his dick.

Alex gave a small shrug before taking Jack's dick and pressing it to his entrance, he had his head back letting his hair flop behind him, his eyes shut causing his eyelashes to splay across his pink, flushed cheeks. He lowered himself down with a small hiss as he adjusted to the feeling of being so stretched; so full.

Jack held Alex's hips and rubbed small, soothing circles into the little indents where the bone was more prominent. Alex hooked his hands behind Jack's neck and slowly began to build up a steady rhythm and pace. He arched his back slightly and quickly let out a guttural moan, then he knew he hit his prostate. Alex was shaking in Jack's hands and his movements had slowed, Jack noticed and quickly began to lift his hips in time with Alex making him hit his prostate every single time.

"J-Jack, touch me p-please," Alex whined before pressing his lips to Jack once more, their lips moved naturally together.

Jack wrapped his hand around Alex's dick, using the pre-come as lube, he flicked his thumb across the head and squeezed it. Alex was so close, he felt the burning, it just flickered white hot in the pit of his stomach, he squeezed his hands onto Jack's shoulders before breaking away from the kiss. He bit into his bottom lip before letting out a load moan.

"S-SHIT! Jack," Alex came heavily into Jack's hand and over his chest.

Jack wasn't fairing too well himself, he could barely move his hips let alone form words, he slammed his head back onto the chair and Alex gently rocked his hips to help Jack along. Alex kissed Jack's neck and sucked hard on the spot beside his jawline.

"Al-lex, gonna c-come," Jack moaned, barely managing to stutter it out as his hips stopped and he spilled himself deep into Alex with a long moan of Alex's name.

Alex pulled off Jack and quickly grabbed his trousers and boxers, pulling them on in one swift movement, he threw Jack's trousers at him with a sigh.

"Why are you in a rush pissy pants?" Jack laughed as he tugged on his trousers once more, he walked over to Alex who stood with a pout on his face, Jack wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close to his body before pressing a kiss to his lips. Jack put all he had left in that one simple kiss, a kiss that could speak a thousand words, more then Jack could even spill out himself.

"Because, I feel weird, that was amazing but, what n-now?" Alex buried his face into the crook of Jack's neck and sighed quietly.

"I know Lex," he cooed and ran his fingers through Alex's damp locks, "I know one thing though..."

Alex peered up through his heavy lashes, his eyes hazy and tired, "w-what?" he swallowed.

"I like you," Jack kissed the top of Alex's head and sighed.

"Really?" Alex giggled, feeling some how soothed and calm.

"Yes really, you geek." Jack laughed before pushing Alex away jokingly and pulling his shirt and thin black tie back on. "You should hurry though," Jack passed Alex his t-shirt and watched as he pulled it over his head, "detention was supposed to end half an hour ago." Jack laughed once more and wrapped his arms around Alex.

"Shit," Alex got on his tiptoes and wearily kissed Jack once more before grabbing his bag and walking out of the small hut. Jack slapped Alex's ass with a wink as the younger walked out of the hut.

Yeah, Alex can deal with detentions. He reached his dad's car and clambered in with a goofy smile plastered over his face.

"Why are you late? And why are you all sweaty?" his dad inquired with raised eyebrows and a suspicious look.

"Oh, sorry, I did all my work for today so I played some... I played some football," Alex looked away from his dads doubtful eyes, he looked out of the window and smiled as he played over what Jack had said.
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