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Love & Verses


We arrived to the Seattle airport where my sister anxiously awaited to pick up me and Nathan. I turned my ring upside, already annoyed by the paparazzi that knew before we told anyone outside my hotel, I didn’t want to ruin this for my family.

“Finally! Mom told me to be here like two hours earlier than necessary,” Abbie pulled me into a hug as Nathan took both our bags to the car.

“So, Nathan, race of the year, way to go and Addie, you went with him, cool,” Abigail said, hinting and dying to know more. I simply shrugged and nodded.

“Yeah, it was fun I guess,” I simply put, trying to keep the charade up as much as possible.

“Abbie, how was the last couple weeks at school?” Nathan asked, trying to make small talk. We kept it like this for the hour ride home.

We all just went to my parents house where Nathan’s family was. His sister and her husband were here with Max and Justin and his wife were also here. Nathan’s dad was sitting with my dad and our mothers were in the kitchen.

My dad. He had an IV in his hand and looked paler than before. His eyes were drooping and his hair had more grey to it. He looked tired but the smile never left his face. I went and gave him a hug as he welcomed me home.

Handing my mother her fake pastry order I stood awkwardly next to Nathan. My mother looked our way and sighed.

“So I kind of have something I want to tell you guys,” I said, trying to get everyone’s attention. Our father’s looked at me immediately and our siblings looked at us boredly. My mother stopped what she was doing and crossed her arms.

“Well, Nathan and I magically met in New York this weekend. And somehow ended up at the Golden Goggles together,” I said, looking straight at our mothers.

“And Nathan won!” His mom beamed loudly. Nathan held up his award and set it down next to our fathers.

“And so Nathan and I got to talking, and it quickly came down to something, I had to be honest with Nathan. I told him what I know you all already know. And the thing is, Nathan didn’t care,” I said. Abbie shrieked and got up to hug me.

“Abigail, would you sit down, she hasn’t said it yet,” my mother snapped, looking at me hopeful.

“So, Nathan kind of demanded I marry him,” I looked at my dad who wore his smile bigger than before.

“It’s true, I just told her to marry me, I never asked,” Nathan smiled. I turned the ring around and held my hand up.

“But he didn’t even have to ask because I agreed and so, Nathan and I are engaged,” I grinned, holding my left hand up. My mother had tears in her eyes and came and hugged me. My sister hugged both me and Nathan as Nathan’s siblings pulled us in for a hug as well.

“Oh this is great, everything is just so, perfect, Adam, our little Addison is getting married and to Nathan, we love Nathan,” my mother beamed. My father looked at us from his seat.

“So, Addison, what are you going to do about med school?” Donella asked the question I honestly didn’t think about until just now.

“Donella, all that can be figured out, don’t think too hard, Addison, just be happy,” Cecilia smiled, tears coming to her eyes.

“Daddy? What do you think?” I asked coming to sit next to him.

“I think that Nathan is going to take extremely good care of you, I think I get to see my daughter genuinely smile again and I think, Addison, you would make a beautiful doctor but an even more beautiful bride,” my dad hugged me softly. I pulled away and smiled.

My dad always knew what to say.

The family celebrated and talked for a while before my dad went to go to sleep upstairs. James and Nathan helped him go upstairs as I sat outside thinking about it all.

I was just separated from Nathan and now I was going to marry him. But now Donella’s words rang. What about medical school? I went as a distraction from this Nathan mess but in all honesty, I wouldn’t hate being a doctor. But even more honestly, I could be a researcher right now for cancer research. I wanted to make a thought out decision.

“Hey, there you are,” Nathan came out and sat next to me. I cuddled into him on the porch swing.

“Nathan, would it be so horrible if I dropped out of med school?” I asked him. He pulled me more into his arms and kissed my forehead.

“It wouldn’t, but I want you to do what you want, Ads. If we need to live in Stanford, fine, I’ll swim there. I’m not tied down to Berkeley. I mean, I love it but I love you more,” Nathan said.

“Nathan, that’s so sweet of you but I truly don’t know if I want to stay. My professors tell me how distracted I am lately, ask me if I really want to be there. I know all the answers and it’s not like I’m failing but my mind, it’s always somewhere else, I don’t know, maybe I should drop out,” I sighed, still not coming to a firm conclusion.

“Whatever you decide, Addison, I’m here for you. But I do know this, we’re going to have to come home every weekend for a while, your dad, baby, he’s not looking all that great,” Nathan squeezed me a little and kissed my forehead. I nodded a little knowing that Nathan wasn’t at all wrong.

“I think it might be best if I just take a break for now from med school, withdraw and maybe try later, there’s too much going on and I love my dad way too much to keep staying away and I know my mom could use the help and Abbie could finally stay in Seattle for some socials, especially now that she’s on the sorority board,” I said after a moment of silence.

“I think that’s a great idea, and I support it, I know your family will too,” Nathan said. We were about to sit up and go tell my parents when my mother came outside, looking happy but there was definitely a hint of hurt in her eyes.

“Can I have a moment with you two?” She asked as if she were on the verge of tears.

“Of course, is everything okay?” I questioned. She nodded and sat on the porch banister.

“Nathan, Addison, I want to ask something kind of crazy of you two. I want you to be honest with me but hear me out before you make your decision,” she said earnestly.

“Anna, you’re kind of freaking me out, please just tell us,” Nathan laughed nervously.

“I want you two to get married within the next two months. I know you just got back together, I know there’s a whole process to that but you two dated for so many years, known each other your whole life, I feel like this isn’t a huge problem to move up the date. Addison, you’re father, he’s so, sick, and all he wants is to see you go down the aisle and see your life is going to be full, I want to give that to him. He won’t be here for Abigail, we’ve been preparing for that but at least he can see you, that is if you agree,” my mother was in tears. I sat up and pulled her into a hug, trying to bring comfort to the fact that she was losing the man she had been with for thirty years.

My mother was the strongest woman I knew. She didn’t run away like I did from her problems, she stayed by my father’s side and watched the whole process. I teared up a little too from realizing more and more that my dad was about to die.

“Mom, there’s nothing I want more than for daddy to be at my wedding, I would love to get married soon just for that, Nathan, what do you think?” I turned to ask him. He smiled and stood, pulling both me and my mom into his large arms.

“I’ve wanted to marry you since I was 17, I would hate to wait another moment just because we spent a year apart. And I can’t imagine doing this without your dad, of course,” Nathan smiled. My mother pulled away and thanked us both, saying she would take care of whatever necessary.

Nathan sat down and I sat on his lap.

“Nathan Adrian, you are the best, do you know that?” I said, firmly kissing his lips. He held me tight by the waist and deepened the kiss.

“Oh I do know but why don’t you show me a little more?” He mumbled on my lips. I stood up and pulled him by his hands.

We walked across the street to his house since all our family was in mine and quietly we went upstairs to his room.

While I stormed in here just two weeks ago, I didn’t take the room in. Nathan’s room was the same as a year ago. His medals and awards hanging around the walls, pictures of him and I growing up and pictures of us dating remained in place. There were photos of me and Nathan on our first day of kindergarden, going to school smiling away cheesily. There was a photo from a year ago when I was given the ring.

“I’m so sorry I left you for so long, Nate,” I whispered as he gently laid me back and hovered over me.

“Now, we have eternity to make up for that,” he mumbled on my lips, I inhaled heavily as Nathan moved to kiss my neck, nibbling here and there.

I moved my hands into his hair as he reached up my long sleeved shirt to massage my breasts. I immediately got turned on.

It certainly hasn’t been hard to get me going in the last 48 hours as it’s been over a year. The same went for Nathan. One touch of my skin and he shuddered a little bit, I could already feel him growing firm.

“Addison, you have a year of dry time to make up for,” he whispered in my ear. I tugged at his shirt to pull it off.

Nathan sat up and I pulled his shirt off and I sat up so he could pull mine off. I unclasped my bra and threw on the floor next to the bed. Nathan kissed his way down to the seam of my jeans and slowly unbuttoned them. I sat up a little so he could pull them off of me and he removed his jeans as well, remaining in just his briefs.

Nathan climbed back on top of me and kissed me more, going slow and lovingly instead of doing anything crazy. He began to tug at my underwear, pulling them aside just a little as his hand grazed up my thigh.

Slowly he inserted one of his large fingers inside of me, causing me to gasp. Slowly, he began to rub me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Nathan slowly traced his tongue around my breasts and down to my stomach, kissing the inside of my thighs.

“Ugh, Nate,” I moaned out as he removed his hand. Nathan took my right leg and rested it on his shoulder and did the same to my left as he bent his head down to insert his tongue in. I grabbed the headboard behind me, unable to control or explain just what I was feeling.

“Oh that feels amazing,” I moaned out. Nathan began to flip his tongue around, feeling my walls come down. I felt him moan inside of me.

I cried out once more, expressing how much I enjoyed what he was doing to me when his bedroom door flew open. Nathan immediately removed himself from his position and threw the blanket over me.

“Oh my God!” They shrieked.

“Mom! You have to knock first!” He shouted. I was completely embarrassed. His mother just opened the door to find her son going down on me. I put a pillow on my head to hide how red I was.

“Cecilia, what’s wrong?” I heard Nathan’s dad ask and movement come upstairs.

“Dad, please, can you leave?” Nathan complained.

“Why are you undressed, son? Is everything okay?” His dad asked. I was relieved that I was doing a good job at being invisible.

“Nathan I’m so sorry, I thought Addison went upstairs with her sister and you came back here, I should have knocked, I’m sorry,” his mother apologized.

“Oh, Addie is here, well uhm, Cecilia, we should go, this has been awkward enough, sorry about that,” his dad said uncomfortably. I heard the door shut and lock and Nathan came back to bed. I pulled the pillow off my head and held the blanket closely over my body.

“Well that was certainly humiliating,” I said, hiding in Nathan’s chest, still embarrassed by what just happened.

“Yeah, my mother just became visually and completely aware that I’m having sex and not just sex, but she now knows I go down on you,” Nathan groaned, feeling disgusted that his mother is now in the loop of what we do more fully.

“Soon, no one will be able to walk in on us,” I said, reaching up to kiss him.

“True, we need to find a house then since we’re getting married like, ASAP,” Nathan said. I nodded in agreement.

“Finally living in the same city and everything,” I grinned.

“Addison Wilson, if my parents weren’t here, I’d take you now,” Nathan said. I giggled and reached for my clothes.

“They are here, and for now, we need to accept that, come on, get dressed, we have a lot to plan,” I smiled, helping him up to get ready.

This was going to be a hectic two months.