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Love & Verses


Wedding plans were quickly being made. We had only two short months to make plans and so much had to be done.

Nathan had to tell the swimming community that we were engaged and we had to plan to be married in two months around big swimming events and anything big that Abigail had to do.

“January 12th,” Nathan said as we argued on a date. I paused and looked at him.

“All the swimmers will be in taper time as it’s a week before the next grand prix so I’ll be free, I could also miss that Grand Prix for our honeymoon because it’s not a big deal event. And it’s a little over two months away,” Nathan explained. Everyone stopped and thought about it.

“Abby will still be on Christmas break from school,” I spoke up. Our parents looked at each other and nodded.

“January 12th it is!” My mother said excitedly.

Once the date was decided, we had to work out the colors and wedding details. Like where was available with only two months in advance? What would our wedding colors be? Who else would we invite besides the swimming community?

“Gold is very wintry and I look great in it,” Abby suggested. I scrunched up my nose, not really wanting to have a gold themed wedding.

“Ads, we need a winter scheme though, I know you always wanted that pink and blue but it just won’t work for January,” Nathan explained. I flipped through the magazines, looking for ideas.

“What about wine red and silver? It’s classic,” I suggested. Nathan’s mom was taking notes of everything being said.

This was so hard for us. Nathan was a t-shirt and jeans guy, I didn’t particularly care all that much about fashion but our mothers and Abigail wanted this to be the dream wedding.

“I think that could encapsulate well,” Abby approved.

“Alright, now that the basics are figured out, we can go shopping, lets go,” Donella stood up, motioning for all of us to do the same.

“Perfect idea, sweetie, guys, get some beautiful suits, silver ties. The girls and I will go shopping, giving them time to taylor the dresses, especially yours, Addison, come on, we have much to do!” Cecilia yelled, making us all get up and out of the house.

We really were in a rush to get this all planned out. Nathan was having a hectic schedule swimming and training while I decided to withdraw from medical school, being told I could come back next fall if I wanted. I left Stanford and in a weekend moved back home to help plan a wedding and be with my father.

Nathan grabbed me before I was pushed into an SUV and gave me a warm kiss.

“Whatever you buy, you’re going to be the most beautiful bride in the world, I’ll text you,” he smiled.

I held him for a moment in a tight hug. I was so thankful that I was having all I’ve ever wanted.

“I love you, Natie, more than anything,” I sighed into his chest. He squeezed me once and pulled away.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” he kissed my forehead and walked away with the men.

I sighed as I got into the SUV and watched Nathan and his brother playfully fight.

"I haven't seen my brother this happy in a year, Addie, I'm so glad you were honest with him," Donella smiled at me. I smiled back, Nathan was all I ever wanted and needed and to know I was enough for him even with my fault, I was the luckiest person in the world.

We drove into Seattle and the first thing was to get me into wedding gowns. My mother and Nathan's mother dragged me, Abbie and donella into a fancy boutique to look at wedding dresses. The saleswoman immediately began pulling dresses and throwing me into them.

None of them were me. Many were too tight, many were too Cinderella. Many we're just plain ugly.

"I think, I think I just found your dress," Abby said, standing up from the dressing mirror and stand and grabbing a dress off the rack. Abigail could see my frustration level and also knew that i wasn’t fond of being put into stuff that wasn’t in my character at all. I looked at it through the bag and didn't immediately hate it.

I slid into it with minimal help from anyone. Abbie zipped me up and it already fit me perfectly. I turned and looked in the mirror.

I didn't want to be a girl who cried over a dress but I teared up a little bit.

The dress was a floor length a line cut. The strapless bodice was embroider with beading and there was a sash with a dazzling brooch on the side. With this dress were hidden pockets at my side which I loved. I looked at my mom and Nathan's mom who were both in tears.

"I'll say it, you look beautiful, Addison. Abby has good taste," donella stood and walked around me.

"Of course I do. And I know my sister. She's elegant but doesn't want to go over the top," Abbie explained. My mother pulled it together and pulled me into a hug.

"You're beautiful, Addie," she beamed. I smiled and stepped down.

"Abby, can you get me out?" I asked. Abigail unzipped me as my mother took the dress to the saleswoman. She was shocked to hear it fit me perfectly.

We walked out the store with a wedding dress in hand.

We spent the next hour looking for bridesmaid dresses. We were lucky enough to find a wine red dress that had a laced upper bodice and silver ribbon. It was simple but had a few ruffles and made of chiffon lace that made it look elegant.

And both my sister and donella were pleased with it.

At the end I was exhausted but my mother made me do more. I had to find shoes and lingere and a veil.

I pulled out my phone and saw I had a text from Nate.

-It’s kind of crazy how fast everything is moving, I have my suit!- he said in his text. I smiled and texted him back.

-I have my dress, I’m ready to come back home and see you :)- I said.

Abby took my phone away from me and put it in her bag.

“You can text lover boy later, I want to spend real time with my sister before you become a Mrs.,” Abby said, linking arms with me and walking down the strip of stores as we found shoes.

“Aren’t you relieved that you get to finally be with the man you love and adore?” Abby sighed. I giggles a little and nodded.

“I can’t wait, Abby, this year without him had been hell, literally. Now I have him, I want you to have that Abs, you need to just find the guy that's right for you, stop trying with the frat guys," I said.

I felt bad for my sister for so many reasons. For one, she took on a lot of the burdens that I ignored for a year. It was also always stressed how everyone wanted my dad to be able to see me marry Nathan but no one remarked on how our father would never see Abby get married.

"Ugh, Addie, I know. But I just want to focus on me. I like that. However, there is a guy and he's really cute," Abigail smiled.

"Tell me everything," I smiled.

Talking to my sister was great. Hearing about her life made me see that she was living. Sure, she took on the burden but she was still able to live her own life.

My mother and Nathan's mother were finally done dragging us around, since the men were in Seattle as well, after putting all our shopping things in the car to meet them for food and cake testing.

When I saw Nathan, my heart skipped a beat. After all this time, together and apart, I was still crazy in love with him. I sped up the pace to approach him faster and went into his arms.

Those arms. I felt safe there. I felt home.

My father was with the men, going along as best as he could, in a chair being pushed by Nathan’s father. He looked more alive today, trying to stay in high spirit.

There was some color to his face, which always gave me an ounce of hope.

As we got to the catering company, we were given a plate with a variety of food to try and sheet to mark what we did and did not like. Nathan and I sat next to each other and made our own little comments when the conversation turned slightly awkward and serious.

“So do we have a game plan for walking Addison down the aisle?” Donella asked trying to be cautious but also being highly curious. We all looked up and at my parents.

“What do you mean game plan? Of course I’m going to walk my daughter down the aisle,” my dad snapped, clearly offended by people thinking otherwise.

I had to admit, I thought of it too. What it would look like to have James wheeling my father down with me down the aisle or me walking down alone. None of them were ideal but they were realistic. So when my father made such a decision about this, I was stunned and worried.

“Daddy, you know I would want that, but I know you’re not feeling so great,” I said but my father cut me off.

“Addison, we all know I’m sick, we all know what’s to come, I’m a doctor, I’m very aware to what I’m feeling and what my capacity is but I also know this, I didn’t let my wife scheme and lie to get my daughter to happily be with the man she loves and the man I approve of just to sit in a pew to watch her walk down alone or for her father to be pathetically wheeled next to her, I’m walking her down,” he said in a demanding and firm voice.

No one questioned him. No one said anything for a moment and no one dared to make eye contact with my father but me.

I put on a smile and looked at my father.

“Then it’s settled, my father will be walking me down the aisle, physically,” I stated. Nathan took his hand in mine and gave it a squeeze.

Here’s to hoping everything goes according to plan.