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Love & Verses


The day had finally arrived.

In a blur, I was finally going to be marrying the man of my dreams. We had been through hell and back, literally. I stayed away and stumbled for a year until I was graciously and warmly invited back.

Emotions were overwhelming me. But in the best of ways.

I got out of bed at 6am and put on a Ralph Lauren button up oxford and a pair of leggings before making my way downstairs to find all the girls in my life awake and making moves.

“I was going to bring you breakfast, you loser!” Abigail yelled at me. I smiled and pulled my sister in a hug.

She had been a huge help in the last month preparing for my wedding, spending the whole month of her break planning and getting everything ready.

“Sit down, Abby, you’ve done so much, I want to serve you,” I sat her in a chair and handed her a plate of waffles and fruit.

“But you’re the bride today, it’s all about you,” she protested. I stopped her and sat down next to her as my mom brought out a plate for me. Donella sat down next to me and sighed.

“My baby brother is becoming a man,” she smiled as she cut up her waffles.

“And my big sister is...nah she’s already a woman,” Abby laughed.

“Alright girls, we have a lot to do today, ponder and eat at the same time,” my mother demanded. I ate my breakfast and realized these were the last few hours I had as an unmarried woman. This was also the last time I would have breakfast in my house still living here.

Everything was worked out. Nathan and I found a comfortable house in Berkeley and we have a small townhouse a few miles away from our parents when we would have to come home.

I was looking at my house, looking at my family. Everything was about to change.

And I couldn’t even think about my father.

“Alright Addie, I need you to shower, use this exfoliating scrub, and do not wash your hair, it won’t hold a thing if you do,” my mom directed me.

“Actually, Anna, the hairstylist is on her way, we should roll Addie’s hair first then cap it,” Nathan’s mom suggested.

“Nathan’s so lucky, he’s probably like playing x-box,” I groaned, angry that I have six hours to get ready and Nathan probably needs one tops.

I sat in my chair as my sister came towards me with a mask. I needed to have sparkling skin, apparently.

“You’re so calm, when I was getting married, I was so panicked,” Donella pointed out but I shrugged.

“I know what I want, I’ve known what I’ve wanted for so long now,” I smiled. I started getting butterflies in my stomach, realizing I’m going to be Nathan’s wife this evening.

The hairdresser came in and immediately began rolling my hair. She used medium size rollers and sent me up to shower with a cap on.

I went through the annoying process of showering and getting re-dressed. I picked up my phone and saw that I had a text message from Nathan.

-good morning, future Mrs. see you in six hours-I grinned as I was so excited.

I texted him a quick I love you back and went downstairs to meet my sister and all the other women.

The rest of the day I got make-up put on and my hair was taken down from the rollers. It fell curly and the sides were braided. My sister came in with her hair and make-up done and ushered me downstairs to an SUV to take us to the church.

It was really happening, I was truly doing this. Here we go.


I looked out my window and saw all the girls getting into the SUV to leave for the church. I was baffled when I caught just a quick glance of Addison. I only saw the curls in her hair and her backside but I knew she was stunning.

I caught my breath a little bit and sighed.

My tux was waiting on the back of my bedroom door, waiting for me to put it on. I was more than ready to marry Addison.

Not ready to shower I laid back on my bed for the last time as an unmarried man. I looked at a picture of Me and Addison from when we were little kids. We were both cheesing widely.

I frowned a little realizing we wouldn’t have a small child that would look like us. I would never get to hold a baby that was biologically mine. It was a large price to pay, that was for sure. But I knew for certain that I would never love anyone the same way that I love Addison so not marrying her for that reason simply wasn’t worth it.

And we would definitely adopt a child. I grinned a little thinking about the baby I would one day adopt with my beautiful wife, the one we would be saving from whatever situation they would be coming from, we would love them and give them a home.

“Yo, bro, you up?” My brother, Justin knocked at my door and came in. I sat up in my bed as he came to sit.

“It’s here, you’re getting married, you doing alright?” He asked.

“More than alright, I’m about to marry the girl of my dreams,” I grinned.

“Well if you want to pull out, I’d understand. I mean, I love Addison but if you want to for some reason wait or pull out, Just tug at your earlobe,” my brother chuckled. I shoved him off my bed and stood up.

“I should probably shower now, and so should you,” I rolled my eyes and got up to shower.

I wasn’t going back.

I grabbed my tux and my brother had the rings as my dad grabbed the keys to our SUV to take me to the church.

This was going to be a beautiful but simple wedding. The wine red and silver colors lined the area. The cathedral was lined with silver and red lace and deep red roses. Natural light was beaming through. The carpet was red for Addison to walk down and candles were waiting at the end for us to light.

I was taking it all in when my dad came in and clasped a hand on my shoulder.

"Nathan, it's time to go back and put on your tux," my dad smiled. I grinned and followed him back, anxiously awaiting to say I do.

Getting ready didn't take long. I put on my tux and white vest and white tie to match Addison. My brother and brother in law wore a red vest to match the bridesmaids. I looked to the clock as my mother came in to say we needed to go out

I walked through the side door with my brothers. I got to the altar and lit the candle on my side.

I waited patiently at the altar as all our family and friends looked at me.

Natalie and her husband were in the third row of pews, grinning at me and giving me a thumbs up. Michael and his date were also smiling at me, admiring how the design of the building looked.

Literally everyone was happy for us, that this was finally happening.

The violins began playing the soft wedding melodies and my parents made their way down the aisle. My mother and father each gave me a hug as they took their place up front with my dads parents. Addison’s mother came down next with her older cousin and she also gave me a loving hug and sat next to Addison’s grandparents.

We were so blessed to have all of our extended family here. My Asian side was even able to come at the last moment and all of Addison’s family from the east coast made it out, all knowing that this would be the last big event Addie’s dad would be at.

The music continued to play as my sister came down the aisle wearing a beautiful red dress. She walked down so elegantly, looking from me to her husband who stood just a person away from me, so happy that this was finally happening.

Abigail walked down the aisle next, smiling over at the boy she had been seeing for a while now and grinning excitedly that this moment was happening for her sister.

Addie’s little cousin came down next, spreading red and white rose petals across the floor, my heart began to beat rapidly, knowing that I was about to see my wife to be come down the aisle.

The minister motioned for everyone to stand up. All eyes were on the double doors at the end of the hall. The classic canon D began to pick up the tempo as I saw two shadows make their way to the door. I looked and saw Addison and my heart began to race. She wore a beautiful white gown that I couldn’t even focus on because her face was mesmerizing me. Her cheeks were rosy red and her lips a deep pink. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and I could feel my smile get bigger than it already was if that were even possible.

Her father stood beside her as she kissed his cheek and they began to walk towards me.

They walked very slowly, taking small and steady steps as her father was not exactly strong enough to be walking on his own but demanded to do this anyway. I could tell Addison was taking most of his weight on as he grasped onto her arm. I felt my eyes get a little wet, realizing that this was the last big moment she would have with her father.

The two came down the first few pews before they stopped. Addison looked at her father full of concern as he murmured something to her and he grabbed her firmly and began to fumble.

Addison’s bouquet quickly left her hands as the flowers made a light thump on the floor, spewing out of their shape and crumbling to the floor. Addison’s father began to fall to the floor as Addison fell quickly to his side.

Everyone gasped as I ran to Addison’s side who was weeping in tears. I watched as she checked his vitals. My mother was holding onto Anna as my father dialed 911. Everyone stood not knowing what to do. I held onto Addie as she cried, telling her unconscious father it would be okay.

It didn’t take long for the ambulance to arrive and put Adam on a stretcher and take him out. Addie looked at me once more before removing herself from my grasp and going into the ambulance with her mother and sister.

“I love you, Nathan, okay?” She said through her tears. I stood outside the church, feeling hopeless and useless.

I didn’t know what more I could do for her.