Sequel: Flare
Status: Edited version of Human After All for NaNoWriMo.

Human After All (II)

Welcome to Abionmaton, year 2056.

Have you looked at the scenery? Look around at our gift shops. We do, in fact have some very interesting tourist sites.

What is that you're looking at? To your right there? Oh, the personal computer shop. Yes, that's a very high end shop around here. You want to take a look? Very well then!

You see, this shop dabbles in creating the finest personal computers, all the way from desktops to our newest and finest collective; the personal robot. Yes, we had robots before, but those robots were very... well, robotic!

These new personal robots pick up on human emotions. They come with their own sort of emotions programmed into their minds, if you will.

Along the course of a few months, they pick up on these new emotions. Soon enough, your robot will be like a living, breathing human, except for the matter of age. Many people are using them for... personal matters. Understand me? Oh? You want to look for one? Let us shop around then!

This story is an edited version of my story Human After All for NaNoWriMo. Click on that link if you would like to read the original.
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