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Chapter One

Frank Horan looked down at his daughter with disgust, how could she possibly think she was worth something? How could she think she had talent? "You continue with this," he paused, looking for the correct word, "trash, you will no longer be welcome in this home." His daughter bit back a laugh, she had been never welcome in his home, Frank was sexist.

"It won't make a difference to me," the girl said calmly. Frank was flabergasted, he couldn't believe what he heard, it was one thing to have that said to him, another to be told that by a girl. "You will respect me, young lady."

She scoffed, "Respect is something you earn, and you haven't earned that yet." the words stung, he didn't need to earn anything, he was her father. reaching over and grabbing the girl's arm.

Holding her close to his face, "You will respect me, because I am your father." He let go of her and watched her walk away, towards her small room. "This isn't over!" he yelled. He followed her to her room and watched her pack her things into her small backpack. She didn't need to pack much because she already knew she was going to walk away from her family, her dad for that matter.

She slung the backpack over her shoulder and walked toward the entrance of the house, she opened the door and looked at her father, "There is a difference between a father and a dad, you are not the latter." she walked out and slammed the door, her brother and best friends waiting in a car for her.

In the small Mullingar home, Frank stood still like a statue. He couldn't believe his daughter had talked to him that way. He was sure she was going to come back, and when she did, she would be in trouble.

One month later, he got the papers saying that she needed him to sign for her. Pulling papers out of the manila envelope, he saw one word that gave him his answer, that she did not plan on coming back. His daughter was asking him to emancipate her. Not thinking twice he signed the document, giving up all rights to his daughter in that moment. He looked up at the wall, where a family picture was nailed. His oldest two children were standing behind him and his ex-wife, the youngest child was sitting in between him and his ex, effectively creating a triangle. Standing up he grabbed a cardboard box and the picture off of the wall.

Walking around his home, he put everything that had anything to do with his ex-wife and oldest two children inside the box. He didn't want his youngest child to know about his oldest two siblings. Frank didn't need to worry about his son's mother because he had won the custody battle. The six year old boy was to never know that he had siblings. Andre and Isabella Horan would become imaginary siblings, people the young boy created because he wanted siblings.

At six years old Jacob Horan had gone through a tragedy and he didn't even know, because what six year old knows that his family finally falling apart when his family had been falling apart since he was four years old.

Three years later, Simon Cowell called the five boys of One Direction into his London office. He watched as they sat down, and quieted. "Boys I have decided you are going to a concert," Simon paused looking each of them in the eye, "but the bands that will be playing at this concert are not in your genre. I want you to see how other genre's fans react to the bands and how the bands get them to react that way."

Harry smiled, dimples showing, "What bands will be playing?"

"All Time Low, We the Kings, Forever the Sickest Kids, A Day to Remember, the Ready Set, and, the headlining band, Needing Faith!" One Direction's publicist, Nancy responded. Niall's face darkened, not that anybody noticed, they were to busy watching Liam jump around yelling, "I love needing faith!"

Simon laughed and then told Liam' to calm down, he stopped his jumping and sat back in his chair. Louis smiled, Liam was acting like him and he was glad he was rubbing off on the younger boy. "The concert is tonight and it is mandatory."Liam's mood completely flipped, he had a date with Danielle tonight and he told Simon as such, "I'm sorry but you have to go, reschedule."

"We've rescheduled five times already, all because of me. She told me if we have to rescheduled one more time we are over!" Liam explained.

"I'm sorry but the rest of their tour dates interfere with your schedule." Liam sighed, it was times like this when he had second thoughts about going on the xfactor.