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Chapter Two

Walking into the venue, One Direction split into the groups they had made hours before. Niall and Harry, Zayn and Liam, and Louis with Pete Wentz. Pete Wentz had been the one to get them the tickets because the headlining band was signed to his label. Pete pulled Louis towards the center stage, their planned route. Niall and Harry in the back, and Zayn and Liam on an upper deck right above the drummer. All the boys were in disguises so they wouldn't get mobbed. They all were wearing colored contacts, beanies, wigs, band t-shirts, skinny jeans, and vans. Liam only w

Liam adjusted his wig as All Time Low ran on stage playing Jasey Rae. He watched from above, with a amused smile playing at his lips, as the singer and guitarist made fools out of themselves. He didn't know the words so he didn't sing along, but trying to blend in, he jumped along with the real fans of All Time Low. The point of coming here was so that they could see how artists of other genres interacted with their fans at shows, so that's what he did, he watched.

As they announced that they were going to slow it down, the drummer, bassist, and guitarist walked off stage, while the lead sing just grabbed an acoustic guitar. "He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes," The lyrics and Melody sent Liam back to early that day, Danielle Peazer his most recent girlfriend, had broken up with him. She didn't understand that he couldn't just blow off his job, he felt bad for blowing her off, but really? It was blow her off or no job. He tried not to take it to bad, he knew it was coming, but it still put him in a bad mood. Zayn looked over at Liam and leaned over, "Mate, cheer up, your favorite band is playing tonight, and you're going to see them."

Liam thought about it quickly and looked at his band mate, "I know but, two years down the drain, ya know?" Zayn gave him a sympathetic look, "I understand, I can't imagine what I would do if Perrie broke up with me for that reason."

"Thanks mate," Liam said looking back at the stage, realizing that All Time Low's set was over and We The Kings was now playing. He watched as a girl walked on stage singing along with Travis Clark, he had heard this song before. His friend, Demi Lovato, sings on the original track, but she was in America right now.

We the kings set had ended and he looked for his friends while the next band set up. Finding Niall and Harry he noticed how uncomfortable Niall was. He had been like that since they found out they were going to this concert. Liam made a mental note to ask why, but quickly his thoughts changed to the current band starting up their set.

Liam tried to remember the name of the band but all he got was A Date to Regret. Liam sighed and realized that wasn't right, and turned to Zayn with a pleading look in his eyes. Zayn looked up at muttered, "A Day To Remember." Liam smiled gratefully and went back to the musicians on stage.

After two other groups went on, The Ready Set and Forever the Sickest Kids, Liam heard a familiar song being played through the speakers. He smiled and looked down to get a better view of the band. He watched as the oldest Garcia sibling talked into the microphone, "How are you all doin'" a roar from the crowd came, "that's amazing. We're Needing Faith!" The singer nodded at his younger sister as she started to beat her drumsticks.

After a few songs and in between song banter, Liam watched as the singer's tan face went pale. He looked over at the drummer of All Time Low,, Rian Dawson and beckoned him to come to him with his hand. Andre Garcia whispered in his ear, and the drummer nodded, walking towards the drummer of Needing Faith. Whispering in her ear, she walked towards her brother as Rian took her place at the drum set. The singer handed his sister the microphone and ran off of the stage.

The girl looked at the crowd, and took a deep breath, "So, um, for those of you who don't know, I'm Izzy, Andy's little sister. So, while he's gone we are going to cover Hey Monday songs! Here's Wondergirl." Liam frowned, his favorite band wasn't playing as themselves, they were doing covers. He had to admit, Izzy's voice was pretty good. It sounded like the girl version of Niall, if he was telling the truth.

Liam was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the crowd gasp. He looked around, trying to find out what had happened. Zayn grabbed his chin and pulled it towards the commotion. Andre was standing with his fist clenched, while Niall was on the ground clutching his nose, disguise off.

"Andre Frank Garcia! Why the crap did you just hit...Niall?"