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Chapter Three

""No puedo creer que los puñetazos! ¿Eres estúpido? Es en una dirección! ¿Sabes cuánta basura que usted podría conseguir en? ¿Nuestra banda?" Isabella had been ranting at her brother for the past hour, after Niall and the rest of One Direction were backstage and the set was over of course.

Harry chuckled and leaned over to whisper in Niall's ear, "You'd think he punched a royal." Niall smiled slightly, knowing that Isabella would have rather her brother do exactly that.

"Give her some credit, think about how many directionors are going to be throwing darts at a picture of his face." Niall reasoned

Harry smirked, "True." Harry paused looked at his hands, then looked back at Niall, "You know Spanish, what's she saying?"

Niall chuckled, listened to the siblings for a moment and turned back to the curly haired boy, "She's calling him an idiot. What I'm wondering is, why isn't he fighting back."

Suddenly the yelling stopped, and a Hispanic male accent said calmly, "I'm proud of what I did."

The girl rolled her eyes, muttered hermanos, hugged her brother and walked towards the Irish boy. She leaned down to the boy's ear and whispered something in it, got up and walked away. Leaving the blonde boy stunned, blue eyes wide. Harry looked at Niall, "What'd she say to you, mate?"

"N-nothing important." Niall stuttered.


Two weeks later, Simon Cowell, Pete Wentz, Needing Faith, and One Direction were all sitting in Syco record's London building. The bands didn't know what was going on, but they were seemingly calm, for the most part. It was when Simon started talking that they got nervous.

Simon cleared his throat and started to talk, "Two weeks ago, Mr. Garcia hit Mr. Horan, effectively starting a fan war, pursue. So Mr. Wentz and I have decided that we are going to put this war to rest by forcing you to go on tour together." Andre looked like he was going to object, but before he could Pete spoke up, "You will also be assigned to a member of the other band, seeing as there is five in each band this works out perfectly. You will promote the tour together, and do interviews together until the tour ends. On hotel days, you will share a room.

Isabella hesitantly raised her hand and spoke, "What if we don't do this tour or follow some of the rules?"

Simon smiled, "We'll put you through Hell if you don't do the tour, as for rule breaking, which rule?"

Isabella took a shaky breath before answering quietly, "Share a room, I don't think any of the guys want to deal with 'girl' issues."

"They all have sisters, minus Niall, they can deal. As for the issue of Niall having no sisters, he's already been assigned to one of you. In truth you all have, and don't worry he shouldn't mind." Simon smiled reassured.


"So now as I announce your partners, sit next to them." Simon paused, "and don't kill each other," he added as an afterthought He picked up a clip board and started reading.

"Trevin Butler and Zayn Malik, Andre Garcia and Niall Horan, Jacob Rogers and Louis Tomlinson, Landon Jackson and Harold Styles, and finally, Isabella is this correct?" The boys of both bands burst out laughing as Simon showed Pete the clip board and Pete nodded,"Legally that is her name."

Th boys calmed down and Simon continued, "Isabella Horan and Liam Payne."

The room went silent.
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