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Chapter Five

"Hey, Iz, what's this?" Trevin asked, holding out a magazine to his shorter bandmate. Izzy, looking up from her grocery list, noticed her picture on the cover of the magazine. She held out her hand, a silent way of saying 'Can I see it?,' handing it to her, he smirked.

Running a hand through her long hair she replied, "'s a picture of Liam and I?"

Trevin grabbed the magazine back and opened it up to the page the cover had indicated, "Let's read, shall we? 'One Direction's Liam Payne recently broke up with girlfriend, Danielle Peazer. Could he be going for a rebound?'" Landon, who had been watching them the entire time, grabbed his guitar and started to play Headlines Read Out... by We The kings.

"Haha you're so funny, Landon,!" Izzy said sarcastically. To be honest he was just frustrating her more. She hated having attention on her, and being One Direction's 'rebound' was going to get her more than enough attention. "Well, to answer your question, it seems as if someone took a picture of Liam and me when he was comforting me."

This confused her bandmates, Izzy was the strong one in the band. She was their rock, why would she need comforting? Trevin opened his mouth to ask, but Izzy just grabbed her grocery list and walked out he door.

Two hours later, Niall, who had just found out about the article, was storming into Liam's apartment. He was close to hitting Liam. Niall, being very protective of Isabella, could barely stand the thought of someone using her as a rebound, especially someone in his own band. Throwing the magazine in Liam's lap he yelled, "What the hell is this? You are not going to take advantage of her. She doesn't deserve it!"

Liam got off of his couch, holding his hands up as a white flag. "She's not a rebound I wouldn't do that to you or her, or anyone for that matter. I was holding her because she was crying, not because I want a rebound, I want Danielle." Niall's face softened his blue eyes, once full of anger, now remorseful and apologetic.

"Li, I'm sorry, I know better then to believe the tabloids. I know you still love Danielle, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions." Liam smiled sadly, accepting Niall's apology. "Why was she crying?"

"We were talking and we got into a conversation about her mom," Liam replied.

Niall's face held confusion, "Why would she cry over a conversation over her mom?"

Liam was confused, shouldn't he already know about his aunt's death? "She died?" His blonde bandmate looked close to tears, as he stuttered out a quick, 'what.'
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