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Chapter Six

Liam’s face went blank. He had expected Niall to know, this was his aunt they were talking about. As he hugged Niall, his expression changed to sorrow. Rubbing Niall’s back, Liam spoke softly, “I’m sorry, I thought,” he paused. “Actually, I don’t know what I thought.” The room became silent with the exception of Niall’s sobs.

Niall calmed down enough to choke out a question, “Do you know when?” Niall had sniffed between the words. Liam led him towards his couch.

“Niall,” Speaking softly, as if to a child, “are you sure you want to know?”

Niall’s face started to look slightly defiant, masked by sorrow and sadness, “She was my family of course I do.”

Liam bit his lip then spoke, “About a month and a half ago.”

Niall's slowly calmed down; he smiled lightly at his band mate. His eyes still held sadness, but he had realized that the questions he had about his aunt, should be answered by his cousins. Liam gave Niall a hug before walking towards his door. Niall and he walked out the door, quietly but quickly. The silence was comfortable, and the impromptu walk was enjoyable for the two.

A few weeks later, after Needing Faith had finished their tour, One Direction and Needing Faith gathered in a conference room at Decaydance records. The two bands had to decide the final line up for their tour. It was decided that there was to be equal number of artists. In other words, One Direction got to pick three bands, as did Needing Faith. One Direction had already picked out and asked the artists they wanted: Justin Beiber, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift. On the other side of the room, Needing Faith was having problems finding bands. Most of the artists they wanted were going on Warped Tour.

“Stupid summer tour.” Jacob cursed, they were all frustrated, and they had tried all of the hardcore bands, thinking it would scare off some of the One Direction fans. Most of the members were afraid of Directionors more than they were scared of the fan fight or, even, Pete and Simon.
Izzy, slightly less scared of the fans, spoke up, “How about The Summer Set?”

Her brother sighed, “Warped Tour.” Isabella frowned momentarily, and then decided to come up with a plan instead of being depressed about not finding bands.

“They would join us, if we guaranteed a spot on Warped Tour next year.” The glint in Izzy’s eyes was nothing short of mischievous. Jacob caught on to what she was saying when he looked at her. Slowly each member of the band caught on to what Izzy had hinted at, and none of them were excited. They were going to agree to give up something they had been dreaming of since they had gotten signed.
Trevin spoke up first, “So who is going to make the call?” Nobody spoke up, as they watched Izzy pull out her phone and dial.

“Hey Brian, I have a proposition for you.” She paused. “I want you to go on tour with us this summer instead of going on Warped Tour.” Another pause, “Well, that’s the thing; we are offering our spot on Warped Tour next year.” Izzy’s eyes held sadness as she listened to Brian respond. “Yes, we are sure.”

And with that, Needing Faith no longer had a spot on Warped Tour 2014.
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