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Chapter Seven

In the end, the tour line up was to be as follows: One Direction, Needing Faith, The Maine, We Are The In Crowd, The Summer Set, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Justin Beiber.

Izzy was smiling walking on to her tour bus. This would be the first time they had ever gotten one. Their headling tour was so hectic, they didn't want to adjust to bus living. The other bands had buses though. "Hey Drake can you hand me the drum sticks by you?" she asked Needing Faith's light tech, Drake.

Drake grabbed them from the table next to them and threw them at her, "'Course Iz, What do you need them for?" Sound check wasn't for another hour and a half.

She smiled slyly before answering, "I'm gonna go school Pat." Pat, the drummer for The Maine, had dared her to a drum off and Isabella was determined to win. Drake laughed at her and Pat. This wasn't the first time they had a drum off, nor would it be the last. Izzy waved at him before running off the bus.

Izzy was almost there when she ran into something, or rather, someone. Her small frame had managed to make the larger frame fall, with her landing on top of the figure. A groan emitted from the mouth of the figure as Izzy scrambled to get up. She blushed slightly when she realized the figure was Liam. The puppy faced boy brushed off his pants after getting up. Izzy muttered a quick 'sorry' before attempting to walk away quickly, not running for fear of trampling another person.

Before she could get away, Liam grabbed her forearm. He swung her around to face him and smiled at the shorter person. "Think you could get off that easy?" Liam asked with a mischevious twinkle in his eye.

Izzy, as if remembering where she was, scoffed, "Me get off easy? I was letting you get off easy for getting in my way." She was trying her hardest to be mean to Liam. She wanted him to think she was bratty and mean. She was the 'bad girl' of Needing Faith. She didn't need some goody white boy to get in her way.

Liam looked shocked, not only had she run into him, but he could have sworn he heard her mutter sorry, and he had said as much. Izzy's only reply was to tell him that he needed hearing aids. After insulting him a bit more, she left.

Liam frowned as he watched the girl walk off. He felt a hand clasp his shoulder. He turned towards the hand and looked at the owner. He didn't recognize him. The owner was a boy, about his age, with long, black messy hair. He was taller than Liam, but had a smaller frame. "She wasn't always like that." the boy stated.

Liam could only help but frown more, "What do you mean?"

The boy chuckled at the curiosity in Liam's eyes, but answered nevertheless, "She was nice, and happy. She used to be carefree."

"What happened?"

The boy frowned, his eyes showing, what could only be, disdainful memories. "The record company didn't like the idea of her real personality."

Liam's curiosity built on those words, "Why wouldn't they like her personality?" Liam couldn't understand how her personality could be so horrible, they would force her to change it.

"How many fifteen year old girls do you know, that are sweet, loving, and a runaway drummer?" The question rang through Liam's ears. He didn't know any girls with that description. To be honest, sweet and loving didn't actually go with runaway drummer. "Now you understand why she was told to change."

Liam's eyebrows furrowed, "She has to have a good reason for running."

The boy smirked, "If she does, she won't tell you."
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