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Chapter Eight

Liam later found out that the boy's name is John Gomez, and that he is in the band called The Summer Set. He wanted to ask him more questions about the younger Garcia sibling, but John had been called for sound check, confusing John O'Callaghan of The Maine. Liam tried to ask John after sound check but then One Direction had an interview. He then tried to talk to him after the concert, but was cornered by Paul, who told him that he had to a hotel, seeing as they would be in Seattle for two more days.

Liam was walking towards the first bed he saw, when he noticed a bag on the bed. He frowned, he was always first to the hotel room and always got first pick for this reason. He tried to remember which boy he was rooming with and why they were so early, when he realized that he was rooming with Izzy. Remembering his talk with John, he realized that the 'real' Izzy was a lot like him. She was loving and sweet, he could also tell she was protective, all of which are traits he has himself.

He placed his stuff on the bed opposite of the bed Izzy had claimed. After going through his bag, he grabbed the pajamas he had picked out and started walk towards the bathroom. He paused when he realized the door was shut and the shower was on. He sighed, "This is going to take some getting used to."

He decided to pass time by going on twitter, but right as the app opened, the Hispanic girl came out of the bathroom. She looked at him quickly, a frown forming on her lips. Instead of talking to him, or acknowledge his presence any more than she already had, she pulled a book out of her small bag and climbed into the covers of her bed, moving into a position that made it comfortable to read. Liam smiled slightly as he saw the book she was reading, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein.

After taking his shower, he realized he didn't take his pajamas he had planned with him to the bathroom. He wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door enough to see where the younger girl's bed. He frowned as he saw that she was still awake and reading. "You're clothes are at the bottom of the door," she announced to him, without looking up from her book. Liam said a small thank you, grabbing them and shutting the door.

Liam put them on and brushed his teeth, he walked out of the bathroom. In the few minutes it took for him to finish preparing for bed, Izzy had fallen asleep. She looked a lot more like Niall when she was sleeping. She had the same face shape as him, and a similar build. The biggest similarity was that she looked innocent, like nothing bad had ever happened to her. Liam smiled at this, reminiscing to his younger days, when she looked innocent all the time. She was a nerd then, but she was always smiling and nice to him. He had seen her frown a few times, but they were always after messing up her English.

Liam looked at the sleeping girl once more then turned towards his bed. Before reaching it, the door to the the room opened. Niall and Andre came creeping in. Liam gave them a puzzled look before glancing at his watch to find that it was well past midnight. "What are you doing here?" he whispered, trying not to wake the sleeping girl.

"Over protective here doesn't trust you," Niall whispered back, gesturing towards the Hispanic male next to him.

Liam looked a little offended, until he realized that he would be distrusting of a random guy sleeping in the same room as one of his sisters. "I understand that, you are welcome to sleep in here if you would like." Liam conceded, holding his arms out in welcome. Andre looked shocked, but proceeded to climb into his sister's bed. She woke up enough to quietly say a hello, and snuggled closer to him. Liam had a feeling that this happened more than either of them would care for others to know.
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