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In the Company

A Night Out & Thinking Outisde the Box

“I,” my best friend, Ryleigh, huffed as we entered our apartment. “am so beat.”

I laughed. “You think you’re the only one?” I slipped my heels off of my feet and ditched them by the door. “I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks.”

“Isn’t there something in our contracts that says they have to tell us what we’re working to accomplish? I mean, who the hell is so special that they pulled all of us off our regular tasks to get it ready?” she asked pouring the two of us glasses of wine. Typical Ry.

“Politician?” I guessed. “Playboy prince? Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Rose, Rose, Rose,” she shook her head. “You’ve got to think outside the box.”

“Well while you do that,” I take my glass and purse as I move towards my bedroom. “I’m going to get ready.”

“You’re going out?” she pouted, still in the kitchen. “With David?”

“Well he is my boyfriend,” I said as I left my work clothes in a heap on the floor and pulled on a robe before making my way to the bathroom. Working in a high-end company that dealt with all sorts of A-list clientele and as the CEO’s assistants, Ry and I were required to look our best around the clock. Lounging around the apartment was a God-send. “He’s got tickets to a show and I figured it might be the last time I get to see him for a while, you know? With how hectic work’s going to get no matter who’s coming.” My voice grew louder as I turned on the shower.

“An undercover spy posing as a royal?” Ryleigh burst through the bathroom door, bringing a cold gust of air with her.

“Shut the damned door!” I shrieked. “And that’s absurd.”

“Calm down,” she said and I could hear her sitting down on the closed seat of the toilet, probably filing her nails and humming to herself. “If I’m so crazy, what’s your guess?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged as I rinsed the face wash off my skin. “Can’t we just wait until tomorrow and find out?”

“We could,” she consented. “But what fun would that be?”

“It would save me a headache,” I turned the hot water off and reached outside the shower for my towel. “And time. I need to get ready.”

“Why are you leaving me?” she whined. “Can’t we just have a girl’s night?”

“I’m not backing out of my plans again, Ry,” I said. “I cancelled on David two weeks ago when you were sick so that we could watch Mamma Mia! and the Hangover. I’d like to go see the Book of Mormon with my boyfriend before I go and work my ass off with who knows tomorrow.” I loved Ryleigh more than anything in the world, but sometimes, we all need a break.

“Can I pick out your outfit?” Ryleigh bargained.

I took out my blow dryer. “Go to town. And not that stupid crop-top you forced me to buy! No way in hell I’ll be caught dead in that thing.”

“You love it!” she yelled. “And I know you do!”

That was definitely a lie. I never wore anything that showed my shoulders. I was quite content keeping my long hair down and my shoulders covered to conceal the scars that trailed along, all thanks to me forgetting sunscreen when I was 12.

In a matter of 20 minutes, I had managed to get my hair to look decent and the outfit Ryleigh had laid out for me on and ready. As I did my makeup, Ryleigh lounged on my bed, playing with her phone.

“That lace crop top would have looked so good with that high waisted skirt we grabbed out of the freebie room,” she sing-songed, referencing the heaven on earth that was under our office’s roof. It was half a floor filled with clothes-both men’s and female’s-that employees were free to take, so long as it was for a ‘work related’ function. They never were.

I stepped away from my mirror, happy with how my eyeliner looked. It was even for a change, instead of slightly lopsided.

“But damn girl,” she smiled at the dress I wore. “Rosalina Maria Delgado, you look good.”

I laughed. “Gee, thanks. You sound so surprised.” Checking the clock, I smiled. David would be here any minute.

Grabbing my clutch, I headed towards the door, leaving Ry were she was. It was time to leave all thoughts of work behind and enjoy a night out.
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Hey, guys. I'm Bex and I'll be writing Rose's part. Sorry that none of the guys are in the story yet and that you have no idea what players will be taking part, but all will be revealed in due time, I promise. Hayley (Penguins11) is up next, so you should all be excited for that! Let us know what's on your minds, lovelies!