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In the Company

Cheesy Movies and Late Calls

The remainder of the day drug on, and by the time we could leave for work I was all but itching to get home. I insisted that we walk, stopping by our favorite coffee shop to get some muffins and a drink, before I drug Rose into the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Dom and a box of beer for our night in.

“Ugh, I’ve been waiting all day to get out of these,” I groaned as I kicked off my red pumps. I loved them to death, but my feet were absolutely killing me by the time we’d walked in the door. I was unbuttoning my dress shirt on the way down the hall and to my room, ready to pull on a pair of sweats and a baggy old T-shirt before planting my ass on the couch where it would stay for the night. As soon as I was in the door I shed all of my business clothing and opened my closet to find something comfortable to wear.

“No doubt - those things are what? Six, seven inches?” Rose called from her own bedroom. She always made fun of me about my shoes – I loved high heels like nobody’s business, but most of the time I paid for it by the time I got home.

“Six,” I mumbled to myself as I pulled my T-shirt over my head and piled my hair into a messy sock bun on top of my head. After kicking my work clothes to the general direction of my laundry basket I exited my bedroom and turned the television on so we could listen to some music. I poured us each a glass of Dom before replacing the bottle in the fridge; placing Rose’s glass on the table as I got ingredients out to make lasagna. I knew Rose needed to relax, and I was more than happy to comply by taking control of making dinner and organizing our evening.

“Oh my God, thank you,” she sighed, taking a long sip as she slid into a chair, novel in hand. It had only been a few days, but the anticipation of this assignment and the stress we were about to be under was already taking its toll on us.

“No problem. Lasagna’s on the go,” I informed her as I turned back to keep an eye on what I was doing. We wouldn’t be eating until later, but we’d get to eat a nice meal and I would have left overs for lunch at work.

It was the one thing I’d really taken from my mother; she had loved to cook, and the only really good memories I had with her was when I was just a child and we’d spend hours cooking and baking together. That had ended by the time I was eight, but the love of being in the kitchen had stayed even after all of the issues I’d had with my parents. It was sometimes a release and a way to shrug off things that were bothering me for a little while. Then my grandmother had kind of encouraged my love of baking, because it was about the only thing my grandparents had approved of that I did. So for a while I’d done as much as I could to try and earn their approval, but once I realized that there was nothing I could do I had completely dropped both things. It was only since moving to New York that I’d re-discovered my love of cooking and baking, which Rose appreciated.

Getting the ingredients together and starting to organize our meal immediately began to calm my nerves. I began humming along to the music while I made my way through the kitchen, letting the smells engulf me and fill the apartment while Rose sat quietly and immersed herself in her novel.

Once I had the lasagna in the oven we retired to the living room – Rose’s nose was buried in her novel while I surfed through the television channels for something to watch. It was a nice, quiet and relaxing way to spend an evening after all of the stress that Deena had put us under. We were about halfway through our champagne bottle, and I could feel that my face was already turning red. Another lovely perk of being so damn pale all of the time; anything that wasn’t rye or beer made my face flush even darker than my hair.

“Come on, please,” Rose begged, batting her eyelashes at me as if it would make a difference in my decision. I groaned and flopped backwards over the arm of the couch, wishing I’d kept my damn mouth shut instead of mentioning that Pretty in Pink was on TV.

“Ro-ose,” I whined and drug out her name like I was a little kid, making her pull a pout to try and convince me to watch it.


“Ugh, fine,” I huffed and selected the movie channel before getting up to check on the lasagna and refill my wine glass.

We ate in front of the TV; well on our way to being absolutely smashed as we watched stupid movies and continued drinking our way through the Dom and box of beer before I emptied the little bit of whiskey I had in the cupboard beside the fridge.

By the end of the Lion King we were a mess in the living room – a pile of giggles and ridiculous bouts of laughter at nothing – and any of the day’s earlier issues were long since forgotten. There was no mention of our job, David, or any other problems that had been plaguing us. I was about to put in another film when the phone rang, and I had to scramble to find my cell phone and read the caller ID before the person hung up.

I didn’t recognize the number or the area code, and after a blank look and a shrug from my roommate I connected the call. Immediately I was met with loud music – whoever was calling me was in a club or a bar – and that made me think that it was an accidental call.

“Hello? Ryleigh? Is that you?” my brow furrowed as I tried to recognize the voice that was on the other line.

“Yes… who is this?”

“Uh, it’s Jon. Look, I’m really sorry that I’m calling you, but I um… I need some help,” I sat up straight, and saw the alarm on Rose’s face from my reaction.

“Um… well, that depends on what it, uh, is,” I slapped a hand over my mouth as I hiccupped, hoping Jon hadn’t heard it or had any indication of the fact I was drunk.

“I need some help… I can’t get Patrick out of this bar and I really didn’t know who else to call,” he quietly admitted. I covered the bottom of my phone and groaned, before taking a deep breath.

“Okay, and you think he’s somehow going to listen to us?” I asked as I chewed on my lip.

“I figured it might be worth a shot,”
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Sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out! I just moved (Like 3 days ago!) so aside from the craziness that is Christmas I've been trying to adjust to a new province and city too! Hope y'all like the chapter and please let me know what you think! Can't wait to see what Bex has in store for the next one!