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War on the Wind - (Closed)

"Draw your swords and steel yourself... this is going to be one bloody hard battle!"

Sent as part of a replenishment force for Fort Agnil, Robert has no idea of the threats that are growing in the east preparing to topple the ancient stone walls that have withstood sieges when other walls would have crumbled into dust. But now even old allies threaten the lives that Robert holds dear, and inside the fort may not be as safe as he thinks. Battling wild beasts and winged enemies, Roberts courage, determination, and leadership capabilities, are put to the test.
  1. Chapter 1
    One is unable to hide forever, and Robert knows just that. The problem is, moving could end up being the biggest mistake he's ever made, and it wouldn't just be him paying the price.
  2. Chapter 2
    Time is short. Robert must lead his squad to the designated meeting area, but can they make it?
  3. Chapter 3
    With the losses mounting, Robert begins to question the events of the day.
  4. Chapter 4
    Darker secrets begin to uncover
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7