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On Letting Go


He couldn't shake her from his thoughts. It had been a grueling game and all he wanted to do was go home and sleep. He was on his way to the players' parking lot when he spotted her from afar. It had been an impulse decision to approach her, and he summoned all of the bravery he could. However, once he got close enough to discover how captivating she was, he became plagued with nerves.
But he had done it, although it wasn't smooth, nor charismatic. Rick Porcello talked to a random attractive girl without shying away. That in itself was something out of the ordinary for him. He didn't exactly have the kind of confidence that Verlander possessed. JV was the guy who went to a bar and left with multiple girls clinging onto him, entranced by his good looks and charm.

Rick sometimes tagged along after games, but avoided the dance floor or anything that would draw unwanted attention to himself. It was strange that he pursued a career in which he would constantly be examined, scouted, and eventually televised. The pitcher was who led the team out on the field, the magician shuffling cards and determining the outcome of the trick. So why didn't his confidence on the field reflect his personality off of it?

He found himself laying on his bed, staring at his ceiling intently. Finally he grabbed his phone off of the bedside table. After re-writing the text message multiple times, Rick settled on a simple "Dinner tomorrow?". He hesitated slightly, then pushed send.


The morning sun cast slanted rays of light through the sheer white curtains. The sunlight reached over the carpet, up to the messy bed, and splashed it's brightness over her face. Her eyelids were gently closed, her mouth slightly parted to allow her slow, steady breaths to pass through.

Suddenly her eyes slipped open and immediately closed again, not yet used to the light. A groan escaped her lips, a result of the massive headache that pulsed behind her forehead. With squinted eyes, she pushed back the tangled sheets and stood up slowly, shuffling down the hall to the kitchen.
Her apartment was quite small, but the perfect size for her. It's not like she spent much time there anyway, her best friend Lacey lived only a few blocks down the road and Cora slept there more often than not. It may have been loneliness, or it may have been that Cora didn't care much for buying her own liquor.

After taking a few migraine pills, she showered and dressed herself in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, something comfortable to lounge around Lacey's apartment in. Then she grabbed her keys off of the counter and closed the front door softly behind her.

Cora spent the majority of her day nursing her hangover at Lacey's apartment. In the middle of their movie marathon, her phone chimed, signaling a new message. "Dinner tomorrow?" it read. Her eyes scanned over the screen a few times before she remembered. She thought for a moment, and began to type a reply.
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