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On Letting Go


And there he was, standing in the very middle of the baseball diamond, a determined look on his face that Cora had never seen before. The crowd cheered when his name was announced, the same name that had flashed across her cell phone screen earlier that day. Cora's jaw dropped open, an immediate reaction as her brain absorbed what was going on. She recovered quickly and excused herself to the restroom, Lacey calling after her as she walked briskly up the steps and into the main concourse. As soon as she got to the restroom, she went to a sink and splashed cold water on her face. Isn't that what people in the movies do when they're freaking out? She thought bitterly to herself. The only difference is, this isn't a movie. Sure as hell feels like one.

Rick Porcello is sweet. Rick Porcello is courteous. Rick Porcello is handsome. Rick Porcello is a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Okay. Alright. It's as simple as that, Cora repeated to herself. Sweet. Courteous. Handsome. Pitcher. Oh god. This is not what I was expecting.

As Cora returned to her seat, she became a bit hurt that he didn't tell her this information earlier. Yeah, I'm a Capricorn. My favorite color is blue. I'm also a Major League ballplayer. It would have saved her from the shock of discovering it on her own. But Cora wasn't one to get frazzled over things out of her control. When Lacey began to try and console her, she shot her a reassuring smile and said that everything was fine. No, it didn't bother her. Yes, it's crazy. No, she would not hook Lacey up with one of Rick's teammates.

He went seven innings, giving up two runs on five hits. He also collected six strikeouts. Not that Cora counted. It was so strange to see him out there on the mound. After a big out, he would prowl around the outskirts of it with a satisfied yet intent expression. Rick just seemed so... intense out there. An intensity that she hadn't detected before.

After the game, Cora had Lacey drop her off at home. It was only eight in the evening but she flopped on her bed in an emotionally exhausted heap and pulled the sheets up over her head, falling asleep not much later.
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It's been five months, you guys. FIVE. Oh god, i'm terrible. For a good while I actually forgot all about Mibba. Well hopefully I'll be writing more now that it's summer and I have some (okay, a lot) time on my hands. Anyway, this is short. I wrote it in the last twenty minutes. Here's a question for my subscribers: Do you prefer shorter chapters that are published more often, or long chapters that aren't posted as often? Comments are appreciated!