The Space Between

The Space Between Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Setting down the latest copy of Witch Weekly, Draco sipped his tea noting that it was significantly different than what he had been used to for the past five years. He looked towards his father who abruptly turned his attention back to the prophet upon making eye contact. It had been two weeks since Draco moved out of Grimmauld Place and back into the Manor. Immediately, he was greeted with the "I told you so" lecture from Lucius. As for Narcissa, who was overjoyed to have her son stay, was concerned and seemed to be hovering by his size since his return.

Narcissa breezed in the dining hall to take a seat next to Draco. She noticed the magazine that was flipped to a page headlined "Our Favorite Hero- Single?" with a picture of Harry attempting to cover his face. She squeezed Draco's shoulder sympathetically and sat down, acquainted with the knowledge that his divorce was something he did not want to speak of.

"Pansy sent it" Draco murmured in attempts to establish that he cared not what his ex was doing. He saw his mothers nod and proceeded sipping his tea. After a few more sips, he was fed up with the unfamiliarity which did not affirm with his taste and hastily stood up to make a new cup himself. The house elves pleaded to do it for him, he waved them away earning a disapproving stare from Lucius.

As the former Death Eater was making his way back to the kitchen cautiously carrying his steaming cup of tea, a houself suddenly appeared, causing him to spill the scorching liquid and curse loudly. She bowed low, "Master Draco, Mister Potter requests entrance. He is at the gates."

"P-potter? He's here?" Draco spluttered. He looked down and groaned. Tea-all over his new robes. Stupid appearing elf. Apparently, wizards now pay for their elves to ruin robes. Blame S.P.E.W. Blame Granger. Blame Harry's friend.

The elf nodded and cast a quick scourgify for him.

"A-access erm, granted I suppose...take him to the parlor, I'll be there in a bit" Draco tried to re-collect his cool.

She bowed and dissaparated.

Harry? Harry Potter, here-in the Manor. Why, why, why? Draco pondered. He made his way to the parlor, failing to notice that the scourgify had detroyed his robes worse than the tea and looked rather ridiculous. He's going to ask for me to come back I bet, the blond concluded.

Draco was right.

When he entered the room, he saw Harry pacing about. The rims of his green eyes were red, there was a slight shadow under them, he looked exhausted and reeked of firewhiskey. It also appeared that he had neglected to shave since Draco saw him last and the scruffiness made him appear years older.

"Draco!" Harry exclaimed upon seeing the aforementioned man enter. "Come back? Baby, please? We'll just get married again... can't be too difficult right? There's a way to undo this, yeah? Oh just-just come back Let's fix this, lets-" he noticed Draco's expression of bewilderment and stopped.

"Hello, Harry." Draco said as if he didn't hear Harry's outburst, beckoning to the sofa to which the other proceeded to sit. "How have you been?"

Harry caught on to Draco's cool exchange and mirrored. "Well, and yourself?"

"Fine, thank you." he answered shortly. "What brings you here?" As if he didn't know.

"Actually, you left some things and... well, you might need them..." Harry said, pulling out candy bar sized object and cast an Engorgio to reveal a trunk. It seemed like official closure the finalization of the divorce papers was nothing to this simple act of returning one's things.

Draco was rather taken aback that Harry had a genuine reason for visiting. "Y-yes, I suppose. Thank you."

Harry fidgeted uncomfortably at Draco's business-like tone. "Erm so, how's Mu-I mean, Narcissa and Lucius?" he asked in attempts to diffuse the uncomfortable atmosphere, then nibbled at a biscuit awaiting a reply.

Draco nearly smiled at his former husband's slip up, almost calling Narcissa "Mum". They had gotten close and in her eyes, Harry was accepted into the family. Was. "They're doing very well. Same as usual, mother's garden is flourishing and father's peacocks are.. well they're the same."

Harry smiled. He and the pureblood in front of him used to always have a good laugh at Lucius' unhealthy obsession with the creatures. He saw Draco's expression soften, assuming he had this realization too and felt much more at ease. It was nice to be able to share this companionable moment with Draco again. He missed it. "Dray?" He asked softly.

Draco raised his brows in question, ignoring that Harry had suddenly gotten less formal.

"I really miss you." Harry stated.

"I miss you too, Harry." Draco said instinctively and inwardly cursed himself for doing so.

The World Savior walked around the coffee table to Draco and took the blond's pale hands in his slightly tanner ones.

Draco saw this coming. Staring into Harry's emerald eyes that were currently on the verge of tears, he suddenly felt very weak. The pain in his chest was nearly unbearable in contrast to the constant numbness he had been experiencing for the past few weeks. He watched Harry let go of one of his hands to bring his own up to Draco's face, cupping his cheek lightly, running his thumb over the pale cheek bone, like when we first kissed, Draco remembered. He wanted to cry. Cry with Harry holding him, kissing him.

Harry watched a tear drop fall from Draco's grey eyes and onto his thumb, triggering his own cascade of tears. "I'm so sorry. So sorry." he whispered, tasting his own salty tears. He would give anything just to have Draco come back and start over. He missed waking next to Draco, he missed how they would help each other get ready in the morning, and Draco would make those cute little content sighs after taking a sip of tea. He missed Draco.

Draco let a tear fall. How could he fall apart now? After he'd made such progress in distancing himself, he let this one visit ruin it all. He saw that Harry was crying too. He wanted go home- to Harry. He missed waking up and seeing Harry's face, he missed having to help the raven-haired man with his tie in the morning, he missed the way the boy-hero made tea just perfectly for him. He miss Harry -his Harry so much.

The two leaned into each other, letting their lips touch in a familiar and chaste kiss. Then Harry pushed for more, capturing Draco's bottom lip between his teeth and soothing with his tongue.

Being unable to take it any longer, Draco granted Harry's silent plea, opening his mouth, letting Harry in again. Chaste became passion, and passion became ferocity. He whimpered into the kiss as the pain in his chest seemed to burst into a burn, it was relieving yet at the same time hurt, much like their relationship. The familiarity was comforting as the revisit gave it a new reverence.

Suddenly, Draco pulled away, leaving Harry mid-kiss, lips wet, and eyes closed. They opened with a look of anxiety he knew could not be eased. "I can't, ry." he whispered.

Harry's expression washed over with what looked like torture. Draco's rejection felt like it too. "No, no, no, Dray, baby, we were doing just fine there... what happened?"

"I can't do this. You shouldn't. I uh- I-" the blonde sighed. "Leave please. I'd like you to leave." He finished strongly.

The Boy-Who-Lived just stared back with the same pained expression. After a minutes pause, he broke down, dropping to his knees as if submitting to Draco. He took the waist in front, wrapping his arms around and buried his head into Draco's midsection. "Please come back. I love you. More than anything. I miss you. It hurts to wake up and not have you there. Please..." he sobbed.

Draco looked down to the whimpering mess of a man clinging to his waist, his own arms limp on the couch. What he assumed to be the man's overture was muffled by the body in which he tucked his face in and heard only every other word. Surprised to see that this is what the World's Savior could be reduced to, he felt a sudden sick surge of power. "Leave. Now. I'm done. You signed the papers too, Harry. Remember that." he said coldly.

Harry stiffened, then rose to reveal red, puffy eyes and a blotchy, tear stained face. He glared at the man still sitting on the couch. "I love you, Draco. Don't you forget that... Tell Narcissa I said 'hello'. he said evenly and with a crack, disappeared.

Draco let out the breath he had been holding, cradled his head and cried.