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Don't Make This Easy

All she wanted was an escape, away from the place she called home. After his death, her world shattered. His last words spoke deeply, "My Jasey Rae, please darling follow your dreams. I know I was the reason for the delay, but baby you're going to be a star. And i'll be there every step of the way."

But he was right, she was going to be a star. That little coffee shop couldn't hold her talent for long, it needed to be shared.

Jasey Rae needed to be a star...

Disclaimer: Don't own All Time Low, or other bands involved in my story. Just own my character and the things i add. Also do not own any of the song lyrics that will be in this story.

Jasey Rae

imagine her without the tattoos, i'm adding the ones i want.
  1. Chapter One
    Lights out
  2. Chapter Two
    I still hear the rain..
  3. Chapter Three
    These images that fill my head..
  4. Chapter Four
    Now keep my fingers from making mistakes...
  5. Chapter Five
    Tell my voice what it takes.
  6. Chapter Six
    To speak up, speak up.