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Synthetic Love


Long black hair covered his face. His pail skin draped with his black jeans, and black shirt. Tall, thin, all most like a tree. He looked up from singing and smirked at me. 3 lip piercings and dark makeup covered his face. Dark perfectly drawn on eyebrows that his hair had covered. He pushed his hair on one side of his head behind his ear and I saw a hand full of tattoos. "Let's take a break guys" He said into the microphone with a wisp. They all walked out of the booth. His voice the sound of a dark angel. His walk so perfect. I had never saw someone like him in my life. I had never felt this way about someone before either. He moved his hair once again revealing gauges. They weren't a turn off though. The guy who was sitting at the controls turned around to me, "Can I help you?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm new hear... this is supposed to come to this room for a Josh" I said handing the box, and few envelops to him. "This is for me"He said. "Thanks" He added. I shook my head and went to walk away to do my other runs. "I'm Chris" The kid with a wisp called out. I tuned around and looked at him, smirked and walked onto my next run."Chris we don't have time to flirt with girls" Josh said laughing as the guy's went back into the box. "Call her I want to see what she thinks" Chris said instructing Josh. He did so and they went back to singing. I got a page on my pager to come back to room 15. I walked back over and walked in to the kid Chris singing. He stopped and they came back out of the box. "What did you think?" He asked looking at me. "It was good, the guitar riffs are dead on" I explained. "I'm Chris, I didn't catch your name." "I'm Destery" I explained laughing. "Nice name" a kid with long black hair, snake bites a pail complexion, tattoo's and make up on said. "And who are you?" I asked.
"Ricky, this is Ryan, Angelo, Balz, Ghost, and that's Josh our tour manager." "Ghost, and Balz....interesting names" I said laughing. They all laughed back. "I have to get going my shift ends in a few, and I have a few more run's to
deliver" I said leaving their studio. "UH" Chris moaned walking into their box. " She's mine" Ricky said. "We'll see Horror." "Did you see her flirt with me Chris?" Ricky yelled. "That was flirting? I thought she wanted away from you." "Your funny" Ricky said. "Guy's can we just finish then you can get back on with you pussy fight" Balz said. "I like Balz's idea" Josh said. "No, Ricky always get's the girls, I had one girlfriend in my life time what about you Rick?" "I" "Too many to count" Chris yelled. "You'r right, you can have her this time" Ricky said breaking. "Thank let's go" Chris said as the drums started.

Chris's POV
Long blue hair, bangs covered her face. A thin figured girl, who had to be only 5 foot maybe shorter. She was standing in the corner when I saw her in a black pleated skirt, and a black shirt and converse. She was perfect. She had to be abut my age give or take a year. Wonder is she liked music... somehow I felt that I would find that out because we were going to be together. I didn't care what I'd have to do, we were supposed to get to be together and we were going to be together. I was planning on my more since I saw her first.
I went home after my first day at work, and all I could think about was Chris. Ricky was there too but Chris was the one. He was the right guy. I wanted to get to know him more. I was going to make a move tomorrow at work. When I woke up I had high hopes but as shy as I was my thoughts of making a move didn't come out as I was getting dropped off at the studio. I walked in and put my things in the staff room and started off on my runs. I saw Ryan, and Ghost come in and I knew Chris had to be hear. I went and finished my last run and went to their room they had. I knocked on the door, and Angelo answered it letting me come in. "What do you need?" Josh asked. "Is it cool if I listen?" I asked. " I mean yeah she can listen" Chris yelled. I laughed and sat on their couch. I listened to them do their songs for the day and they were really good. Chris came over to me and sat down. "How old are you?" He asked. I laughed having a slight idea of where this was going. "I'm 16 what about you?" "17, I wanted to make sure before I asked you if you wanted to maybe hang out with me tonight" He said looking at me. "Yeah, where at and what time?" I asked standing up. "How about Buffalo wild wings, at 6?" He asked. "That's great" I said. I hugged him and walked out of the studio. My shift was over and I walked back to my house. My brother was sitting at the kitchen when I came home. "Hey, munchkin" He said. "I have something to do tonight, will you drive me?" I asked. "What do you have tonight?" "I have a date kinda thing" I explained. "A date?" "It's with a kid I work with, it's fine it's at Buffalo Wild wings can you drive me?" "I guess, can I watch?" "No, Andy I'm serious I really like this kid" I explained. He smirked and agreed. I ran upstairs and gt changed into black ripped jeans and a white shirt with my black jacket and my furry boots. I fixed my hair and make up and grabbed my bag. It was 15 minutes till 6 and I was getting in the car to go to the man of my dreams. Andy dropped me off and I saw Chris. I ran over behind him and stood up on my tip toes. I put my hands over his eyes and heard him gasp and laugh at the same time. "Destery" He said. I took my hands away and came down off my tip toes. He hugged me and kissed my check. "You ready to go in?" He asked. "Let's do it" I said as we walked into the restaurant. We took a seat and they put us at a high table. "Do you need some help there?" Chris asked laughing. "Ha ha your so funny" I said. We ordered or food and started talking. "So how's your job?" He asked. "I love it, I wish I could do something like you, but I can't sing and I suck at guitar and piano" I explained. "You like to travel?" " I love to travel" I explained. "Did your
brother drop you off?" I shook my head. "Who's in your family?" I asked looking at Chris as our drinks came. "I have three brothers and a sister and my mom and dad" he said adding, "What about you?" I cleared my throat, "It's just
me and my brother" I explained. I saw him almost choke on his drink. "I'm sorry we don't have to talk about it" He said. I laughed, "It's fine you asked you deserve to know. My mom died from cancer a few years ago and my dad disowned me 3 years ago." "Why'd he do that?" "Because I'm 'different.'" "There's nothing wrong with that" Chris said. I laughed. We continued on talking and our food came. We finished up and left and went outside. "Do you need a ride home?" "That would be nice" I said. He took me to his car and both got in. "Navigate me" He said. "That's dirty" I said as he started to laugh. "Oh no another pervert" He said laughing. I told him the directions and we got to my house. "Thanks, I had a blast" I said. We kissed and I got out of the car. I walked to my front door and saw him pull away. I went in and yelled for Andy and explained everything to him. He laughed and I went up to bed to get ready for work the next day. I wanted to know if Chris and I were more than just friends, i didn't want to ask but I wanted to know. I was t the front desk at work doing paperwork when Chris came walking in. He stopped at the desk, "Hey, Hun" He said. I hugged him and wanted to ask him. "Do you want to hang out?" I asked him adding "We can go to the art museum" I said. "I'll go do you want me to pick you up?" He asked. "If you can: I said. I knew I wouldn't see him today because I had to work the front desk but tonight would make up for it all.
"You have known her for like what a week and already went out with her twice" Josh said. "Slow it down" Balz said. "I want to make it official." "Chris" Ryan yelled. "What, you and Allie are married already" He explained laughing. Ryan moaned and went to tune his guitar. "Where are you going tonight?" Josh asked. "An art museum, she's into that kind of stuff which is cool. she doesn't have parents" He explained. "What happened to them?" Balz asked. "Her mo died and
her dad disowned her, she lives with her brother" he explained. "Let's get done Chris can't be late" Ange said joking around. I left work early and went home. I got showered and put on a black dress that had a tie and was puffy. I threw on
knee high converse, and grabbed my purse. I went downstairs and waited on my front door step for Chris to come. Andy wasn't home because he was on a two week long tour. Chris pulled up and beeped and I got up and walked to his car. "You looked great" He said. I laughed and kissed his cheek. We drove away and went to the museum. We got out and went in. We walked around and looked at the art and I showed him my favorite piece. We took pictures and we left about 2 hours later. "Who's home?" asked pulling up to my house. "No one, my brother's band is on a tour" I explained. "Do you want me to stay with you?" "It's up to you" I said opening the door. I got out and found my house key in my bag and I saw Chris get out of the car too. We walked up to my house and went in. "I'll be back in a minute" I explained. I went up to my room and looked around for clothes. I found some and threw them onto my bed. I unzipped the side of my dress and it dropped. I heard the floor creek and I saw Chris out of the corner of my eye. I froze, and thought to my self as he came behind me and wrapped him long arms around my stomach. I felt his arm observing his tattoos. and turned into his arms. I unbuttoned his red button down and took it off. His jeans came next
and we fell onto my bed. In the morning I woke up the his arm around me. I got up and noticed I didn't have clothes on. I grabbed some and put them on in my hallway and went downstairs and made some breakfast. A few minutes later Chris came walking down. I was sitting on the bar stoles and eating cereal. "Want some?" I asked. He sat down and pushed it away. "I want to make me and you official" He said. I looked him dead in the eye dropping my spoon making a loud clanking
noise. "Us...official?" I said in shock. He nodded his head. "I got up and hugged me as we kissed. "I have to get home, I'll see you at work tomorrow" He said walking to my front door. I watched the black car drive away and I ran upstairs. I looked in the mirror and saw a bright red mark on my neck. "shit" I yelled touching it as it burned. I didn't really care as much though. I was dancing around and called my brother screaming into the phone.
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