Status: This is my first time writing something that is so deep into chapters

Synthetic Love

Destroy Everything

I pulled the knife away and hugged Ricky tighter. "Please don't do this" I said crying on his shoulder. he pulled me into a hug and Chris lifted both of us up. " one wanted you to do this. Your an important part of the band and an important part in our lives" Chris said hugging him. We walked outside and Ryan and Balz ran over hugging Ricky as I walked to the side of the building. I sat on the concert step and started to cry. A few minute went by, "What's wrong?" I turned to see Ghost. He walked over and sat next to me. He hugged me. "Look what I did. I almost killed Ricky, I'm have a baby and I ruined peoples life" I said. Ghost wiped the tears off my face and hugged me as I cried harder. "It wasn't your fault. You didn't almost kill Ricky, you saved him." I didn't buy it. It was my fault I hurt Ricky and I did have feelings for Ricky and Chris but I was having a kid to Chris so I had to stay true to him. "No it was. I lied to Ricky and Chris and I did bad things with both of them and I I hate it" I said as I fell into his lap. "It's ok. Des I promise when you have your baby and wont care and everyone will forget" Ghost said. I looked up, "You think?" "I know" he said standing up with me. I hugged him and we walked back to our friends. We got in the bus and we all went to sleep. In the morning everyone tried not thinking about the night before. We tried to get over it and we were the band that was able to recover after anything. The tour was finally over and I was showing now. We always hung out when we got home. Chris had to officially meet my family. I didn't thin it would be that hard since it was just my brother and his friends who were pretty much just like my brother. But how would I be able to ask Chris about meeting them.
We were all bowling on our first Friday night home and we were sitting around eating. "Chris I think it's time that you meet my brother and family" I said looking at Allie who was shaking her head. "um-uh.....I guess we can do something tomorrow night" Chris said looking at the guys. I agreed that that would be fine and we continued having our band night. Allie came home with me because I needed someone to talk to.
"I'm scared for him to meet them" I said as we walked into my bedroom. "Don't be he's your baby's daddy they have to accept him" she said as we laughed, "That's what I'm scared of." "Why?" "Because since I'm prego....what if my older brother like hates him." "Go to sleep" Allie said as we turned off the light. The next morning I woke up to a text from Chris, who I was still trying to impress. He asked what shirt he should wear and sent a pictures of a red button up or a black shirt. "Allie, get up I need your help" I yelled jumping off my bed. "What?" she yelled shouting up hitting my head. "If that hurt my baby-" "Oh it didn't" she yelled. I gave her my phone, "The black" she said. I agreed and I texted him back. "Wear your black shirts and white shirt and black jacket and converse and straight hair" she explained grabbing her bag and leaving. I got a shower and then got dressed and ready. It took about three hours and it was soon five and Chris was on his way. "The pizza came Des" Andy called up. I grabbed my camera and ran down stairs hearing a knock on the door and getting a text from Chris, "Shit" I yelled. "What?" I heard Andy's friend Jake yelled. "He's hear." I opened the door and jumped into his arms. "There's my little hatefuck" he said as I smirked. He patted my stomach and we walked into the kitchen. Chris called me his little hatefuck because he hated the fact the he fucked whit me but he loved me at the same time. Which was understandable thinking back to me almost ruining his friend ship with Ricky. "Well this is Chris" I said adding "Chris this is my brother Andy, and his friends Jake, Jinxx, Ashley, and CC." "Nice to meet you...sorry about this all" Chris said. "Why are you sorry?" Andy asked. "I thought you'd hate me over this whole situation." "Not at all" Jinxx said as I was talking to Jake and Ash. We all ate the pizza and I was standing next to Chris, "Wow. Look how tiny she is. Her baby is going to be like a nut" Ashley said as we all laughed. "Shut up" I said hugging Chris.
"So when do you guys find out what the sex is?" CC asked. "I don't know I have an appointment in a week" I explained. "I think that's when it is" I added. "Can I come?" Andy asked. "Yeah, Allie, and Chris are coming to" I said.
Chris and I walked up to my room and we both fell asleep. I think the whole thing went well and I got really excited about next week. I got really anxious about the next few months and everything that I was going to do and have to do. It got worse as the next few days went by but the day of my appointment came and I was really excited and jumpy. Chris stayed over the night before and I was getting dressed in Shorts and a shirt and converse when Andy told us we had to go. Chris and I were both excited. I went to walk out of my room and he pulled me back, "What ever happens I love you" he said as we kissed. We walked out to the car and Allie ran up and got in to. We drove to the office and we all got out and Chris and I were holding hands. We walked in and sat in the waiting room when my doctor came out. We went back and I got ready and laid on the table. "So Destery were going to find out what your having today since your about four months along now" she said. I looked at Chris and we both smiled. Andy's face was amazing to watch. We found out that we were having a girl and when we went home we started coming up with names and agreed with Bloodwen. The next few months were long and endless. I just wanted to have the baby. The guy's all had a baby shower for me since I didn't have much family to do so. Everything was going slow and I wanted it to be over and to just hold my baby. The slowness of the nights lasted a while all the way until one night. I was really sick and was laying around all day and I had bad stomach pains and Chris was over Ricky's having a guy's night since it would be the last for a while. I couldn't take the pain it got worse as time went by and all of a sudden my water broke. I read about it on line what it would be like and it was exactly what I felt. "Andy" I yelled getting up from the couch. "His girlfriend Juliet came running down stairs. "What's up Des?" she said. "My water broke" I yelled putting boots on. "Andy get your key's lets go" she yelled as I heard him fall down the stairs. He grabbed the key's the his boots and we walked out to the car and I was in pain. "I need you phone i forgot mine" I said as we got in the car. I dialed Chris's number, "Hello" I heard his voice. "Get to the hospital" I yelled hanging up to him yelling at the guy's. We got to the hospital and Andy carried me in to check in and they gave us a room number and we went in. I was in a hospital gown and was laying down in pain. Chris came running in with Ricky and Balz, "Are you ok?" he said kissing me. "It hurts" I said smiling at his face. "hang in there" Ricky said hugging me. I didn't expect to see him since this could have been his baby but since he was like my best friend I was happy he came. Moments went by when the doctor came in to give me an epidural to help my pain and after that I was having bad contraction and it was time to push. Only about an hour later Chris and I had our baby.