The Reason I Love You


3 Days later….

“Gerard! How are you doing?” My mom asked walking into our house, not even knocking.

“Hey mom!” I yell running downstairs from Bandits room. I ran up to her and gave her a hug.

“So, how’ve you been since… You know…”

“You know… Actually I’ve been allot better, Bandit will go to your house giving me a break and catching up with my friend Frank” I lied completely… I wasn’t better; I already caught up with Frank or a week, and then some. But I didn’t mind having Frank over for a while.

“Well that’s good honey” I felt bad for telling her such a lie and making her feel happy. She walked over to Bandit “Oh my Bandit! You’ve grown…”

“You saw me last month at the funeral…” Bandit replied… It’s like she didn’t really want to go with them…

“Hey Bandit can I talk to you upstairs?” I asked her

“Uhhh, y-yeah sure” She sounded scared, like she as in trouble. She followed me up the stairs to her room.

“Bandit…. Do you really want to go to grandma and grandpas? Because it sounded like you didn’t want to when you were talking to your grandma”

“Ugh… Dad, I do but… I don’t like knowing you’re alone.”

“I’m not alone… I have Frank” I said confidently “He’s my best friend… He’ll never let me down… Look I’ll tell him to come over right now so you know he’s here and I’ll let you talk to him on the phone every night before we go to bed, and when we wake up. Okay?” I tried to make another deal with her…

“Fine… But I’m not stupid.” I was wondering what she meant

“I know you’re not stupid” And I laughed at her… I could have sworn I heard her say “I know About Frerard” I didn't want to ask her, because that would start a whole thing…

“Okay honey, let’s go down stairs” I kissed her forehead and grabbed the rest of her bags from her room and brought it down stairs.

“Ahem!! Our…. Promise” Bandit said taking my phone and clicking Franks contact.

“Aha, okay than” I called him and told him what went on…

“So do you want to come live at my house for a while?” I asked him

“Hell yes! I’ll be over there soon”

“Alright bye”

“SLEEPOVER!!!!” Frank screamed into the phone and hung up.

“What did he say?” Bandit asked me

“He said….. SLEEPOVER!!!” I said laughing my ass off

“I believe you…”

“Gerard! Are you going to make your old man some coffee?” My father Donald asked me.

“Yes I will…. And Frank is coming over and Bandit wants to see him before she leaves, would you mind waiting for a while?

“Not at all! I like Frank” My Mom Donna said

“Frank is good people” Bandit added.

My parents Bandit and I sat down waiting for the coffee and Frank…. Finally we hear a knock at the door. I get up to answer it.

“SLEEPOV-“Frank tries to scream but my hand interrupts it…

“Ssshh.” I put my finger on my lips “My parents are still here, I forgot to tell you they don’t know you’re sleeping here for a bit.” I whispered.

“Oh, OK” He walked in “HEY DONALD!!! Donna!!.... How are you guys?” Obviously failing at small talk.
“Heeeeey Frank!!” Donald yells getting up to hug Frank… you know, those manly things that they do. I never really took part in that when I was younger. I told my mom I was gay… eventually my dad found out and he gave up on all of the… “Boy-ish” activities. But Frank being an only child, his dad needed someone to play ball with.

“Okay bye uncle Frankie” Bandit said hugging Frank.

“See ya Frank” My dad said.

“Bye honey” My mom said to Frank.

“Be good sweetie, be safe!” I said as I hugged Bandit and kissed her forehead. They left. I know my parents would take good care of her but still, I hate seeing another person walk out on me. They’re gone now… I watched my parents take my daughter, it was just to their house… But she was the only thing I had… Since Lynz left….
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The next chapter will have SOME Frerard scenes... Not really dirty but... I hope you'll like it :3