The Reason I Love You

Do you Remember Frerard?

“So, uh… Frank…? What do you want to do?” I ask “They’re gone now, just us”

“I don’t know actually… Want to, watch movies?”

“Yeaah sure! What do you want to watch?”

“Uhm. LET’S WATCH LOTMS! Just kidding, lets watch…. Lord Of The Rings… Or The Hobbit… Yeah The Hobbit!”

“Okay… Come on Frank.”

We got up… Oh I forgot, the coffee was made. We grabbed our coffees and movies munchies, Frank sat down and I bent over grabbing The Hobbit movie from the bottom of my movie cupboard.

“Nice ass” Frank said slapping my ass. I always liked it when he did that… Like YES, I did just get over my recent marriage because death took over. But I still love Frank, he’s just so adorable.

“Thank you, but you need to make a reservation!” I said putting the movie in.

“Where can I make one?” He asked winking.

“There’s a wait list…” I jumped into the couch into Franks arms. I thought it was just, yenno, a friendly thing… I was sure it was

“Remember Frerard?” He asked trying to make small talk through the movie commercials.

“We all remember Frerard Frank, and we all know it WASN’T a stage thing, I actually did love you Frank.”

And now because of my “wonderful” comment things went awkward.

“Sooo, Bilbo eh?” I just LOVED it when Frank tried to make things un-awkward

“That’s why I love you” I said nuzzling my face into his neck, remind me of the funeral… I eventually got over it. Even if this “Frerard” Thing comes back… I will always love Lynz, and she will always be in my heart. “I’m glad you’re here” I continued whispered into his ear and putting my face back into his neck.

“I’m glad I’m here too.” Frank replied… Eventually we fell asleep in each other arms, wrapped around each other.


I woke up, the coffees were cold and it was 10 pm. Wow… we’ve been sleeping for 4 hours… It was worth it being in Franks arms.

“SHIT!” I yelled out waking Frank.

“W-WHAT? Are you hurt?!” Frank screamed jumping up and going all ninja mode… I guess he was pretty startled with my waking.

“No, the coffees went cold” I replied in laughter. “I’ll make some more, oh yeah… We need to call Bandit soon”
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry it's short... I've been kinda busy... -Elias