The Reason I Love You

Yes baby?

“Hey baby girl! I miss you!”

“Hey dad, it’s only been like, 5 hours” Bandit was a little moody.

“I know I miss you though”

“Well, I miss you too dad” He said it quietly; she obviously had a friend over. “How is the house? You and Uncle Frank getting along?” She continued.

“Aha, house is good. Exactly the same as when you left. And Frank and I are doing WONDERFUL!” By then Frank was walking around in his boxers dancing like an idiot.

“That’s good, well… I’ve got a friend over. Night dad…Love you” In the background of her phone “I LOVE YOU ALSO GERARD!” And a muffled voice like if someone put their hand over someone else’s mouth saying “MARRY ME”

“I love you too Bandit” I was trying not to laugh but I broke into laughter after hanging up.

~Time lapse~

Me and Frank had been laying in bed, we had nothing better to do. We were in our boxers.

“Gerard” Frank called out

“Yes baby?” I replied like one of those black ladies from the salons, like in the shows.

“Were you serious about what you said the other day?” he stopped to take a breath. “About you still loving me?”

“I was-“ I paused to think, what should I say. I loved him like I loved Lynz… If I could, I’d marry him, but I couldn’t tell him that “I was really serious, super serious. I still do love you. I love you so much I could…. I could. I could kiss you” I started to whisper the “I could kiss you part”

I slowly moved myself toward his lips. At first my lips just barely brushed up against his, until I saw the lust in his eyes and he jumped onto my body and kissed me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battled for dominance. I pushed Frank away and then he started to kiss my neck.

“Frank.” I said pulling his face away from my neck and right in front of my face.

“Yes baby” He said raising an eyebrow looking worried.

“I’m tired, I promise… No not even promise, I know we’ll do this tomorrow.” He grinned half way through my assuring of his little sexy time with me.

“Kay baby” I heard Frank say in a whisper “I love you.”

“Hey Frank!”


“I love you too” He smiled and I kissed him. He curled up in a ball lying on his side, I decided to spoon him.

~In the morning~

I woke up to Frank jumping on me. Screaming “BEEP BEEP BEEP” Like an alarm clock.

“Frank, what do you want”

“I hope you know what I want! I want my sexy time, from my baby” Frank said getting up off of me. I pushed myself up so I was leaning on the headboard.

“Fine. Pants off. Stand up, no boxers. The shirt is your choice” He took all of his clothes off.

“Frisky eh?!’ I walked up to him, I was only wearing my boxers. I got on my knee and started to fondle his ball sack…
♠ ♠ ♠