The Reason I Love You


“uh… UH, UUHHH! GERARD UH!” I Had Frank in my mouth, we moved to the kitchen. My teeth just happened to scrape the tip of Frank’s penis
“Uh oh my UHH! GERARD, YES UH I’M ABOUT TO CU-“ I swallowed his whole load while he sat there and moaned like a bitch.
I was on my knees, in front of a naked Frank with his penis in my hands, and I had cum all over my face, body, arms and chest,

“Hey, Mr. Way!” I heard a voice come in from the back patio. It sounded like Dulce. Bandit’s baby sitter, SHIT I forgot to call her and tell her Bandit was out of town. “Yeah, I forgot to call but I left my- OH MY GOD, I’M SO…. I’M SO SORRY!” She walked in on us, this 17 year old girl, walked in on her boss giving her hero oral sex.

“Uh Dulce?” Frank asked as Dulce slammed the door and ran to her car.
“Yes, it was… Shit” I cleaned up and tried calling her.

~Time lapse~

“Did she pick up yet?” Frank asked
“Ugh, no not yet.” It rang 3 times then sent me to voice mail. “I feel so bad for the poor girl.”
“It’s okay bab-“
“SHH SHE’S CALLING” I pressed talk. “Hello”

“Look Gerard, I’m sooo sorry, for walking in on you guys, I left my school text book, I needed it for a test, and I didn’t call I’m so sorry, REALLY REALLY SOR-“
“Shuddup Dulce, it’s okay, it’s not your fault, it was Franks. He wanted sexy time”
“Uhm, alright, can I come pick it up, later? I’ll call first I promise!”
“Yes, of course, but yeah, call first. “
“Okay bye Mr. Way”
“Gerard!!! And okay, bye!”

“What happened?” Frank asked putting his hand around my hip and pulling me closer.
“She- She said, um… What was I saying?” I was so transfixed in Franks addicting stare.
“I don’t know… You tell me” He smiled, oh god… I just wanted to plow him down, into the bed right now!
“Oh uhm, uh…. She said she would grab it later, but she’d, uhm…. She’d call first- fuck this, fuck me Frank” I jumped onto Fran knocking him into the living room causing him to fall onto the couch.

“Gerard, didn’t we just do this?” Frank asked panting as I kiss him all over
“Yes Frank, but I’m horny, so let’s do it again”
♠ ♠ ♠