The Reason I Love You

But what...?

We lied in bed. My head on Frank’s chest listening to his fast pace heartbeat.

“Frank?” I called out into the dark room.

“Yeah Gee?”

“Uhm, I love this and everything” I sat up so I was facing him. “But…”

“But what?”

“My wife just died a few months ago. Don’t you think it’s weird I’m already having sex. My best friend nonetheless?” He gave me that face.

“You know what. If you think it’s weird, we don’t have too. I mean, I’m alright with it if you don-“

“NONONO, Frank! I was just asking what you thought. Cause, I mean… I love this! I was just. Thinking out loud” I was babbling. I could tell because Frank kissed me. Obviously to shut me up.

“Wanna go get ice creams?” Frank asked.

“Of course!”
♠ ♠ ♠
Should I continue? I'm not really... Inspired to finish this.