Status: Written for a Contest. We shall see how it goes.

Crystal Patterns

I was not really a person that believed in fairy tales or myths, and I didn't indulge myself in such childish games even at a young age. Yet, I also relished the time of winter when I'd wake and there'd be crystal patterns on the window with swirls and curls decorating the glass. I'd sit at the window and trace the patterns with my fingers until my mother came in and said, "That's Jack Frost, you know."

I always rolled my little blue eyes and she'd always laugh and go, "One day, dear, you will understand." In that moment, I use to think of when Wendy would tell Jane of Peter Pan, and Jane would stubbornly ignore her. Even at a young age, it was the only sprinkle of hope I had those days. The only sprinkle of hope I had was watching those crystal patterns appear on my window.

There were days when I was older that I began to truly wonder if my mother was right, but I think that wondering was a little too late because eventually the crystal patterns stopped coming and the window just froze over like a gigantic sheet of ice. In a desperate attempt to bring them back, I'd trace the patterns myself. Until one day, I just had to give up completely.


Written for the Winter Wonderland Contest