Status: I'm going to keep this going for just as long as i can c:


How are you supposed to know if you love someone? like, true love, i mean. the stuff that lasts forever. that's what i'm desperate for. okay, so what if you are in love with someone, and you go and do something so permanent that it's probably going to fuck it all up?

well, that's what's happened. I've gone and gotten myself knocked up. by James Cassells. and to top it all off, i'm underage. I'm withing reaching distance of 18, just barely four months left. until then, it seems as if I've got a rather large secret to keep. i have to tell James, and i have to tell him soon.

-Authors' note-

I'm going to keep this just like a regular fan fiction for the first couple of chapters, i think, so this^ is just like a little slice of what's to come c:

|stay lovely|
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    shit gets real.
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    sexywall content c:
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