Status: Completed

A Nip of Frost

This is a tale of a winter sprite,
Whose clear blue eyes shine bright.
A mischievous little trickster, he may be,
But being nice to children, so is he.

He strays from one place to another,
Spreading winter cheer and cold weather.
You will know he's arrived at your place,
From the first snowflake that falls on your face.

They say his heart is cold as ice,
His touch freezes you and it's not nice.
A misunderstood creature, so lonely and old,
What he yearns is for someone's hold.

He used to be invisible to us folks,
As his existence is passed off as a mere hoax.
But by means of a miraculous event,
Now believed by children, to his content.

So who is this being that we spoke of?
Forever youthful and much loved?
It's none other than the charming Jack Frost,
Whose mischief and magic's forever not lost.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. 'Jack Frost' character belongs solely to Dreamworks and I am in no way affiliated with them. Original characters are mine though. This story is inspired by the animated movie, Rise Of The Guardians.
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