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Don't Waste Your Time on Me.

You took my heart, and made me melt again.


"I missed you so much." a naked Jack murmured from beside me, long fingers running through my disheveled hair, effectively making me emit a series of soft purrs from my vocal chords.

"You just missed sex." I giggled as I rolled over, nuzzling my face in the crook of Jack's neck. I breathed in the soothing scent I had almost forgotten yet memorized, running my fingers over the pale skin of the other's flat tummy.

A feeling of contentment and adoration had spread through our bedroom as we held each other, all heartache and sorrow from the past four weeks having simply faded away.

"No, I didn't." Jack whined and I shot him a doubtful look, earning myself a slap on the butt to which I simply poked his stomach. "I really didn't," he clarified, stifling a yawn. "I just really missed having you around."

My stomach fluttered and I could feel my chest swell at the sincerity behind Jack's kind words. It had been a while since I felt so at home, so at ease. I hitched one of my legs over Jack's waist as I cuddled even closer to him, indulging in a reverie.

A reverie in which I would wake up in our very own house every day to the dark-haired male sprawled out next to me, the covers riding low on his hips. I could lean over and press a loving kiss to his shoulder blade before I'd get up and make breakfast for the two of us in just my boxers, knowing full well Jack wouldn't mind it one bit. I dreamt about a life in which Jack and I would be partners in crime, overcoming every obstacle with flying colors because love that stumbles, trips and falls over obstacles is not love but an idle wish. A life that held the possibility of us growing old together, spending our late Saturday afternoons swinging on the porch swing, the red evening sky shimmering in Jack's chocolate brown eyes, tinting his gray hair rufescent.

In my head, it sounded absolutely plausible, a foolproof plan. It seemed so close, yet for me it was so far away. The simplest of wishes indisputably unattainable.

I was brought back to reality by Jack's lips peppering my face with soft little kisses, wrapping the one arm he wasn't propped up on around my waist, pulling me on top of him.

"Hey." he whispered, staring into my eyes.

I could see the adoration swimming in them, the affection, the love. I chose to ignore the latter.

"Hey yourself." I whispered back as I cupped his face with my hands, gently caressing Jack's stubbly cheeks with my thumbs. I leaned down to give the beautiful boy beneath me an Eskimo kiss, causing him to beam at me, something that would never stop my stomach from flooding with butterflies.

"You're beautiful, Alex."

"I'm not," I argued, unwilling to believe that someone this gorgeous, someone so flawless and stunning thought of me as appealing. "I'm pale and sick. I'm nowhere near beautiful."

"You're so wrong, Alex." Jack scolded softly, leaning up to connect our lips sweetly. "I don't think you understand what I see. I've seen you in every situation possible. I've experienced how you handle every single emotion running through your veins. I've seen you at your best, and I have seen you at your worst. And I would he lying if I said that it did not make you the most fascinating, nay intriguing person I have ever met. You may not think that you're beautiful because you're pale, or "sick" as you call it, but that's not true, Alex. It's far from, actually. You are breathtakingly beautiful, inside and out."

"I can't breathe after all that you've told me." I cited, my gaze never leaving the other's. "You took my heart and made me melt again."

"I put your picture in a frame that stands at the side of my bed. So whenever I get sad I can stare at your face." Jack murmured back, tired eyes fluttering shut.

I leaned down to connect our lips for one last time before I snuggled against my boyfriend's chest, closing my eyes in the process. "I adore you."
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