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Don't Waste Your Time on Me.

Digging my own ***ing grave.


I woke up on Monday morning with Alex's body pressed up against mine in the most innocent way possible, his arm lazily draped around my waist, our hands intertwined on my stomach. I peeled my eyes open, a bright smile gracing my lips. Every morning I was absolutely ecstatic to start off my day like this, with Alex right next to me, sleeping peacefully. It was utterly adorable how he would always end up spooning me in his sleep even though we usually fell asleep cuddled up the other way around. I wouldn't admit it out loud, but I loved whenever Alex was the big spoon. It made me feel sort of safe and protected.

My boyfriend started stirring when I moved to roll out of bed and head to the shower, his arms pulling me back into his chest as he nuzzled the back of my neck. I bit my lip on a smile as his groggy voice filled the silent room, though it was soft enough to not disturb the quiescence that surrounded us. "Morning, gorgeous."

I couldn't help but feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach, his stubbly cheek rubbing against my neck as he softly kissed the skin there, his arms squeezing my waist, reminding me that this moment was as real as could be. That he hadn't left me again, that he was still with me. "Good morning, baby." I hummed, rolling around in his arms to face him with the brightest smile I could muster.

Our eyes met and I could see the spark in Alex's caramel ones, the flicker of happiness and a home-like feeling along with affection and adoration. It was ridiculous that this boy had such an effect on me, making me all mushy and giddy inside. He always managed to make me feel sensations I hadn't felt in years. But Alex made it possible, like pretty much everything else because he was, well he was Alex.

I pressed my lips to the tip of Alex's nose in an attempt to be cute (and partly because I had really bad morning breath so I didn't want to kiss him properly), pulling away from his warm body which only made him pout. "I'm sorry, baby, I need to take a shower before I go to work." I explained, refusing to give in to his silent pleads of grabby hands and puppy dog eyes. I had responsibilities after all.

I hopped out of bed after pressing my lips to Alex's forehead before I padded over to the bathroom. I turned on the water and stripped down while I waited for it to heat up, lost in thoughts about the gorgeous boy in my bed. Alex had came over last night with packed bags in both his hands and a big smile on his face. He was finally moving back in with me after a month and a half. His mother knew about us, and even though she didn't entirely approve of him moving back in with me and just being in a relationship with me in general, she promised to not abandon her son the way she did again.

I jumped when I felt a pair of arms unexpectedly snake around my waist, a warm body being pressed against mine, making me smile. Alex pressed kisses up and down the back of my neck and my shoulders, grinning against my skin. "I thought I could join you, to you know, save water and stuff." he hummed, and I could practically hear the auspicious smirk in his voice as he started nibbling on my neck. "You don't mind, do you?"

My breath hitched in my throat at his actions, my head tilting to the side to give him more room to bite and suck on. I loved when Alex got like this, all smooth and demanding, it was easily my favorite thing he did to turn me on. I turned around in his arms, looking him up and down with a smirk of my own before I pulled him with me under the hot spray of water in the shower, pressing him against the cold tiles as I kissed him.


I got to work with five minutes to spare, images of this morning still occasionally replaying on my mind, making me grin uncontrollably. I quickly changed into my light blue scrubs before I exited the staff room and headed down the hallway where I grabbed the medical files of my patients. I was feeling an incredible high the entire first half of my shift, particularly because all of my patients heretofore were as healthy as could be, grins plastered on their faces as they greeted me. They picked up on my good mood and the ones who were old enough to know what I had gone through when Alex left me kept teasing me about how I was behaving like a schoolgirl. Not that I minded, it was kind of true after all.

My mood as well as my day took an one-eighty when Judy approached me during lunch, sitting down in the seat in front of me with a malicious smile, her glossy pink lips grossing me out. I glanced over at Dan who was sitting next to me, raising my eyebrows in confusion which he only returned with a shrug.

"Um.. what exactly are you doing here?" I asked, trying to be at least somewhat civil.

"Well Jack," she started, her voice too shrill for my liking. Why did I never notice that before? "remember how I told you to stay away from that Alex boy or else you'd get into trouble?" I nodded, narrowing my eyes. "You obviously didn't," Judy said, smacking her lips as her manicured fingers tapped on the surface of the table. "so I took matters in my own hands and told the boss about it. And let me just say that he's not amused in the slightest."

I blinked at her, my eyes going wide as Dan next to me choked on his sandwich, coughing violently. I couldn't believe she did that, I couldn't believe she had the nerve to go to our boss and rat me out just because she couldn't have me. That stupid-

"Jack Barakat to the office please."