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I Wanted to Come Back

Doctor Who? That's the most dangerous question you could ever ask. The Doctor has had many companions in his thousand years of travel, so what's one more girl looking for adventure? With River Song on her own adventure, Rory and Amy gone, what will the Doctor do? Traveling in the TARDIS alone is no way to be, so he sets off on one of his quirky adventures in hopes of picking up yet another willing companion. But what happens when that companion reminds him so much of the girl he lost to another dimension? To another self? Find out.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Doctor, River Song, the TARDIS, Doctor Who, or anything that goes along with it. Because if I did own the Doctor, you better believe I'd have him handcuffed and re-regenerated into the tenth Doctor! But that would make him the twelfth Doctor, and the last Doctor... Never mind. I do however own my characters. Made 'em all up in my head.