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I Wanted to Come Back


There was this man, and his name was the Doctor. He fixed things, and he was feared by things. Things we could never have imagined existed. Aliens, alternate dimensions, magic. He made the world all the better, he made a difference. But he was lonely, so very lonely. He would take up companions along his travels, but soon, they'd age, or die, or get stuck some where he couldn't get to them. Couldn't save them. That's the Doctor's greatest flaw. Saving people, saving the beautiful, growing humans.

There was one girl though, oh that one girl. She changed the Doctor, she made him different, better. Rose Tyler, oh that Rose Tyler! The only fault she had, was that she loved too much. She loved the Doctor so much, she never wanted to leave him, she never wanted to part. And the Doctor? Oh, he loved her more than he thought he could love a human girl. That was the problem though. Human. Aging. Dying. He tried and he tried, and so did she. The call of the TARDIS was too much for her though, she couldn't imagine going back to working in a shop, being normal. Every time she heard that sound, the sound we all know so well, her already packed bags would be at the door, waiting. One day, everything went wrong. So, so wrong. When the rift sealed itself, after the Doctor tricked her into the other dimension, she was gone forever. Or so they thought. He made his way back to her. To the girl who loved too much.

That chapters over though, Rose is gone, but not alone, not without her Doctor, her clone. There was Martha, the girl who made the whole world believe. Jack, a jack of all trades. The Face of Boe. He's still around though, out there somewhere. Telling stories of a brave man called the Doctor. Donna, the girl who would never remember. Amelia Pond. The girl who waited. Her husband, Rory, the last Centurion. They're all gone too though. Every last one of them. One remains though, River Song. The Doctor's wife. She's going to die though, he know's it, he's seen it, he's lived it. The loneliest man that's never truly alone.
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Okay. It was really hard for me to write this prelude, because when I started talking about Rose, I just like, lost it. I started sobbing and stuff. In my opinion Rose and the tenth regeneration was the best love story ever. But anyways, if I get things wrong through out my story, I'm sorry, don't freak out on me fangirls. I'll go back and fix it if you ask me/tell me, NICELY, that I messed up. Key word. Nice.