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I Wanted to Come Back

Last I Checked, Dogs Had Noses

"Oh no, no, no! This isn't right, why are you here? You shouldn't be here, you're from my future, you're an anomaly, you shouldn't be here!" he practically shouted.

His words made no sense to me. Anomaly? How was I not right, unnatural? How was I in a different time line? There was only one explanation, but it couldn't be.

"You're him aren't you?" I whispered as he paced around the sidewalk.

"Yes, no. I'm him from, wait, what did he look like?" he asked, stopping and coming to stand inches from me.

I backed up slightly, "Um, his hair was light and longer, he had green eyes... He looked younger."

His eyes shifted back and forth, his mouth moving silently in a conversation I couldn't hear.

"Future! Yes, that's it. He's the future me, a regeneration. Oh, but that means I won't get to be like this for a while longer, that sucks. I have great hair like this, don't you think?" he asked, his face hoping.

If he truly was the Doctor from the past, then I definitely liked him better this way.

"Wait, if that's you in the future, then why do you look like this in the past?" I asked.

He sighed, "How much did I tell you?"

"Time Lord, Daleks bad, actually, I hate Daleks. I think they're why I'm here, but anyways. Last of your kind, loves humans, something about happy crying. Nothing much really. Oh, there was Dalec Sec, too, he was there or was it Caan?"

His face fell, "You can't tell me anymore, you can't tell me anything else. It would mess up the time lines, a paradox would form. You must never tell me. Do you understand?" His face was hard, serious.

"Y-yes. I understand. Can you, where's the TARDIS?" I asked, wanting to get off the streets, go back to the comfort of the TARDIS with her comfy chairs.

"Right. I forget, I'm inconsiderate, at least that's what R-" he stopped himself, "Never mind, this way."

I followed him, it was cold, and his blue suit stood out so much in every one elses fashion. How could I not have noticed that I wasn't in my own time? I was scared, and alone, I thought. Now you see why spoilers are called spoilers. If I told the Doctor what happened, then everything would fall apart. It was hard, keeping it from him, with all the time we spent together. I often wondered what he was going to say that night, 'r' who, 'r' what? I had a feeling it had something to do with why the other Doctors face always fell when he was thinking, or when I said something a certain way. Either way, he still owed me and adventure, didn't he?

When we reached the TARDIS I stopped just inside. It was entirely different, this wasn't the same TARDIS. There were huge columns reaching up to the ceiling, like weaved branches. The console was different too, the engines were tubes instead of blown glass. The lights were different too, dimmer somehow.

"Doctor... It's different. It isn't the same," I said.

He turned and studied me, "How different?"

I looked around, "It just is. It doesn't look the same."

He squinted again, "Righty-o! Well, what are we going to do with you? Can't exactly drop you back in your time, paradox there. Can't interfere with my own time line. What can I doooo?"

He danced around the TARDIS as he talked to himself, it was different from the other him. The other him was quieter, softer. This one was random and fun and right. I often thought that maybe I met the Doctor in the wrong time, that I was supposed to meet this Doctor, and not the other one. This one seemed right, he fit. He wasn't as weighed down as the other him it seemed, but that only meant those hard times were coming, and he would have to face them.

"If it helps, there wasn't anyone back in my time that I cared for. No one cared for me. You can drop me out any where, I won't mind," I said, leaning against the railing.

He leaned against the console and said, "You don't really mean that do you? You have parents, siblings don't you?"

As I stared into those deep brown eyes, something changed in me. Something clicked, it wasn't until later that I figured out what the click was.

"No. Orphan. Alone, like you," I said quietly.

He tilted his head back, "Right. I told you about Gallifrey then. Look, I can't just drop you out any old place, where do you want to go? Let's go on that adventure that I will promise you."

I smiled, shaking my head, "That's just it isn't it? They always want to adventure with you don't they? All they care about is your little blue box. I could care less about this silly box, it's you Doctor. I can't explain it, but it's you. You're the thing I'm drawn to, not this-this TARDIS. I feel like I'm supposed to fix you, help you. Don't you feel it?"

His brows furrowed, "Who are you?"

It was simple enough, at the time. I was Lily, average American, Lily. I was at that time though, but later, I would be something so much more. Something more to the Doctor, something more to the whole of things. I didn't know it, and he didn't know it, but soon everything would fall into place.

"You know who I am Doctor. Now, take me to the end of the world," I said with a half smile.

His head jerked up, his eyes wide, "What did you just say?"

He walked towards me, stopping just inches from my face. His brown eyes matched my own and I could swear, tears were on the rise.

"I just said... Take me to the end of the world," I whispered.

"But why? Why did you say it, why do you want to go to the end of the world?" he practically shouted, staring at me like a madman.

"I-I don't know... It just.. I always wanted to know if it would end, and I-" I didn't know what to say.

He backed away, sniffling he turned his back to me and started flipping switches and pressing buttons.

"I can't take you to the end of Earth, I can take you anywhere else but there," he said.

His voice sounded final, like after he took me where I wanted, he was going to find the closest time line and dump me in it. Get rid of his anomaly like a snap. He was afraid of me, I learned that later. He was afraid of who I was, and I really do mean was.

"You decide then, Doctor. Or don't decide at all and just get rid of me. Leave me in the middle of Rome in the fall of Troy, leave me anywhere."

I turned and walked to the doors, leaning against them I looked up at him, and what I saw made my heart break. He stood there, hands in his pockets, and just stared right back at me. In that moment, I could feel the weight of him, his soul. He was far older than I would have thought, seen more than any one person could see, and felt, oh the things he'd felt!

"I can't just leave you anywhere. I don't know who I was in your time, but I'm not that way in this time. I can't not save." His voice was filled with emotions, like he was talking to someone long gone.

"Who am I to you Doctor? Who do I remind you of?" I whispered.

I wasn't sure why I asked, why it left my mouth. It felt like someone else had taken over my vocal chords and was using me as a puppet.

He shook his head, solemn, "Doesn't matter now. She's gone, and now you're here. Coincidences just aren't possible though. For whatever reason, what ever is going to happen, you're here. I don't know why, but I will find out."

I cleared my throat, "Fine then. Where are we going?"

A smile split his face, "How about the mountains of Apalapucia? Pink skies, Glasimir Mountains? Oh you'd love it, paradise! Or we could go to Barcelona! Dogs have no noses there, fantastic place!"

"Barcelona is in Spain, and last I checked, dogs have noses," I said.

"No, no, not that Barcelona! Barcelona the planet! You'd love it there!" the smile that lit his face was contagious.

I found myself smiling too as he named of different planets and places and wonders. Brus was apparently a very beautiful planet, covered in thick mists and beautiful mountains, with leafy greens every where. There was Delphon, where people communicated with their eyebrows, which got a crack out of me about his own eyebrows.

"Oi! No need to be nasty, I could just chuck you off into space, that wouldn't be nice now would it?" he asked.

I only laughed harder. Yes, this is definitely the Doctor I was supposed to be with.

"Honestly Doctor? I'm exhausted, I would love to go see fish people and swim with two headed dolphins, but I'm really just tired," I said helplessly.

His face fell a little, "All right, all right. Humans and your sleeping, never understand it. Right then, up the stairs, walk all the way down to the third door on the left, all yours."

I frowned, "Doctor, this is just a box, how can there be rooms in it?"

He smiled, "It's even bigger on the inside."


(Somewhat in the Doctors point of view!)

Something was very wrong, and the Doctor knew it. Coincidences don't just happen, everything has a reason, a purpose. Lily reminded him so much of her, of Rose. From the way she talked to the things she said, to the way she felt. The people from the Gamma Forest thought that when people left this world, that they would come back as a different person if their purpose wasn't completed. Roses purpose wasn't completed, was it? Was it her come back to him? But if that were true, that means she would be dead in the parallel universe. If it really was Rose in a different person, then maybe he could reach her somehow. But in the meantime, he couldn't let her know, what if it burned her up like if Donna remembered? He couldn't bare to lose hope, to lose her, again.

The madman in the little blue box set to work, reading, calculating, configuring. Trying despairingly to get his Rose back to him. It was ridiculous, really, he didn't believe in any of the other creatures religions and voodoo. This time though, oh this one time, he wanted whatever higher power there was out there to give him a break. He was tired of being the loneliest man, he was tired of having everything ripped from him. He was tired of those two hearts breaking time and time again.
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So, I just watched one of the cutest movies ever. It's a Tennant, obviously, called The Decoy Bride. Basically, Scottish, adorable, and it was nice seeing him in a different character.