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I Wanted to Come Back

Face of Boe

Everything was absolutely stunning, everything shone and sparkled. But most of all, it was clean. New York in my time was hardly ever clean, and I couldn't spot one rodent! Not even a roach! The buildings towered above us as we walked down the busy streets, cars hovering about, still heavily trafficked though. I loved this New New York, it was beautiful and new, and amazing!

"Doctor?" I asked, looking over.

His eyebrows rose up and I smiled, "Where are we going?"

His head cocked to the side, and he looked up, "Oh, I don't know really. Anywhere, everywhere, nowhere, somewhere."

"You are a man of many words Doctor, but seriously. We're in New New York, everything that I ever knew about this place is history, it's been replaced. Nothing is where it used to be."

It made you feel kind of depressed, from the past living in a new future, nothing was the way it was.

"Well, actually. They modeled this one just like the old one, just far more advanced. I'd say everything is where it should be," he said.

My mood brightened.

"Oh Doctor! Can we go to my apartment? Or at least where it used to be, on the outside? I just- I want to see if it still looks the same... Call me homesick."

It was true though, the thought of never going back to my old home kind of sucked. I didn't mind it much though, sure I couldn't go back there, but I could go anywhere else in this great big galaxy. I could go anywhere with him, as long as he'd have me.

"Ehhhh.... I don't know, I don't think it's a good idea. What if you get all, cry-y and want to stay? What would I do without you Rose?" He asked.

Rose. I looked at him. That 'r' he'd never say. It slipped, he slipped.

"Who's Rose?" I asked.


"You said, 'What would I do without you Rose?' Who's Rose?" I asked again.

He shook his head, shrugged, "I don't know. Rose, Lily, they're all flowers. Flowers on this great big planet. I just got them confused, happens all the time when you have a head like mine."

He was babbling, which meant he was lying, and the smile that followed proved it.

"Rule number one. The Doctor lies," I said.

"Oi! Well. True. But I wasn't lying that time, I swear it!" he exclaimed.

"Whatever. Let's go meddle in things we shouldn't."

That was the start of the first of many adventures we'd have together, well, second, but that one wouldn't happen for another five million years in the past.

"Why are we here? At a hospital?" I asked, looking around.

The walls and floor were white, little symbols lit the walls in blues and greens, and people in weird outfits walked around. I peeked under the headpiece one was wearing and jumped back, it was a cat! A person with a cat face and cat paws!

"Doctor!" I whispered.

He chuckled, "Yes. They are a marvelous race aren't they?"

My eyes were wide and I asked, "What-what are they?"

"Well, this particular race is the Felinetta, Cat-People if you will. They are sort of like what you lot would call nuns, they run this place, take care of everyone. Brilliant race, just brilliant. Last time I was here though, they were running a shady business," he frowned.

"What kind of 'shady business'?" I asked.

He shrugged, "Turning people, artificial life, into cesspools for diseases to cure the humans and other aliens. It was awful, and I saved them all. I'm sure that this is after that though, so nothing to worry about!" he said, turning and smiling at me.

An image flashed before my eyes, something... A room, no. A huge cavern like place, dimly lit and glowing green... People with puss filled boils on their faces and hands, blood caked to their skin. Pods lined the walls, rows and rows of them, all sprung open, the things crawling out. They stumbled after me and the Doctor, yearning to be touched. Their sadness was overwhelming, it was everywhere.

"Lily? Lily, what's wrong, are you okay?" someone asked frantically.

I blinked and was back in the hospitals lobby, the Doctor's face inches from my own.

"What.. I'm fine. I just. I don't know. I'm fine," I tried.

"What happened, what did you see? You must tell me Lily," he demanded.

I shrugged, trying to smile, "Really. It was nothing, I swear."

His brows furrowed, "You know I don't believe you."

"The Doctor lies, why can't I?" I smiled.

He let me go and stepped back, "Fine. Lets just go."

Despite my actions, what I saw truly scared me. What had I seen? It felt so real, but it couldn't have been. I'd never seen a place like that in my entire life, not even in a movie. I followed the Doctor to one of the desks, standing closely to him as he asked the cat lady,

"I was wondering if an old friend of mine might be here. You may know him as the Face of Boe?"

She smiled, I guess that's what it's called when a cats lips spread out like that.

"Yes. He's been asking for you," she purred.

"For me?"

"Yes, Doctor. He is on the five-hundredth floor."

He turned to me and shrugged, "Allons-y!"

I was still shaken, but forced a smile and followed him to the elevators. As the doors closed he said,

"You might want to watch out..."

Puzzled I looked around, but saw no threat, "What are you-?"

Water shot out of the walls, drenching us. A robotic voice informed us that we were being decontaminated. Perfect. He seemed to be enjoying himself, raising his arms above his head to let the water spray under them, opening his mouth to wash it out too. I just stood there, with my arms crossed, waiting for it to be over.

"Oh, don't look that way!" he said smiling.

"I just- You- Look at my hair!" I said angrily.

It was sticking out everywhere but down, and knotted in places. I looked ridiculous.

"What? It's... It's lovely, really...." he was fighting back a laugh.

I pouted and after a moment of eye contact we both started laughing and didn't stop until we were leaning against one another for support. I looked up, still leaning on him. He smiled down at me and my breath caught, his eyes were so brown and beautiful, his lips a perfect shade of pink. It felt like he was going to lean in, but his stiffened and pulled away at the last moment. I tried to hide the rejection on my face.

"I've been waiting for you Doctor," said a deep voice beyond a thin curtain off to the side of a large room.

I walked to it and pulled it back, and gasped. There was a huge head in a big glass tank, the skin was weathered and tan, the lips pulled tightly. I backed up and stumbled into the Doctor, he steadied me then walked up to the tank, placing a hand on it.

"Hello old friend," he said grinning.

"Lily, this is ... The Face of Boe... He's a really old mate of mine," he nodded me over.

I took a hesitant step, then crossed over and stood next to him. The Face of Boe smiled at me,

"Hi.. I'm... I'm Lily."

He chuckled, "The American's are catching your eye now are they?"
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