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I Wanted to Come Back

Hey Jack Don't Mind the New Face

I'd missed the Doctor terribly, after I died in the parallel universe my spirit or whatever must have sought out the Doctor, and took hold in an average American girl. That's always seems to be it, huh? Average turned extraordinary by the Doctor. We had a thought that there was somehow energy left over from when I absorbed the heart of the TARDIS, and when I died it sought out the closest vessel to the Doctor, taking my consciousness with it. It happened to be Lily, and Lily happened to be me now too. It was confusing, but it's slowly becoming easier to handle and sort. He kept asking if she was okay in there, and that for morality we should give her her body back, that it wasn't right to take her life. He didn't understand, we were the same person now, she wasn't even a she anymore, it was us. Now I didn't go off speaking in third person, if that's what you're thinking. We're just one person. Enough of that.

"Rose...?" the Doctor called from under the console.

I leaned over the rail, letting my hair float down, I smiled at him. It seemed like he was surprised that I was still here, that I was real. I didn't look like myself so much now, but I was still in here.

"Still getting used to the brown. Would you hand me the sonic? I left it up there," he asked.

I straightened up and walked over to the console, it was hard to spot the bloody thing in the midst of all the buttons and knobs, but I found it. I clambered down the stairs.

"Here you are," I handed it to him.

He took it and started sonicing wires and other things. I had an idea. We were stuck in Cardiff, while the Doctor fixed a few things and we charged up on rift energy. It made me a little jumpy to be here, so close to the rift. But there wasn't anything to be afraid of, he assured me. Rule number one. The Doctor lies.

"Hey. I'm going to go off for a bit," I said.

"Where are you off to?" he asked, scrunching his face up in displeasure.

"I always come back.." I said, smiling.

His face eventually broke into a smile and I couldn't help myself, I leaned down and kissed his perfectly pink lips softly. At first he wasn't sure what to do, then he leaned into it. I couldn't begin to tell you how much I'd always wanted to do that.

"I'll be back," I whispered.

Before he could do anything else I turned and ran up the stairs, grabbing my peach jacket off of one of the columns and walked out onto the street. I stopped in my tracks, a man in a dark blue captains coat was standing in front of the TARDIS, looking at it perplexed. It was Jack. It was Jack!

I ran forward, "JACK!"

He jumped back, stumbling.

"Who... Where did you come from?" he asked.

I stopped short and turned back to the TARDIS, that wasn't there. I walked forward and touched the air, I could feel it, but I couldn't see it. The Doctor much have made it invisible, for some reason.

"Jack.. It's.. It's me, Rose," I said.

He frowned, "That can't be, Rose is- she's gone."

I sucked in my bottom lip before saying, "It's me Jack... We met during the Blitz, I was hanging onto a rope. Flying high over the city on a zeppelin.. We stood on top of your ship and danced in front of Big Ben."

Tears sprung to my eyes, the memory was so long ago.

"Is it really you Rose?" he asked, swallowing hard.

I nodded, and ran to him. He hugged me tightly, he still smelled the same.

"How did you get here? You look different.. You didn't regenerate did you?" he asked.

I laughed, pulling away from him. How I must look to him, dark hair, different eyes.

"No Jack. Only the Doctor gets to do that. It's a long story, a story that we aren't even sure about to be honest with you," I said.

He smiled, brushing the dark hair from my face. I actually missed Jack, he really was sweet when he wanted to be. I missed everything about my old universe, even though I had the Doctor there in the parallel one, I couldn't explain it. It was him, but... It just didn't feel right. It wasn't the Doctor with the TARDIS, without the adventures. I enjoyed my time with the other Doctor, I loved him, and we were happy together, but... It wasn't right.

"Well, where's the Doctor then?" he asked.

"Tinkering away in the TARDIS, we just stopped to refuel on Rift Energy and then go. I don't know why he has it hidden," I frowned.

He shrugged, "That doesn't matter now, I just want to hear about you! How did you get here, why don't you look the same?"

I linked arms with him and we started down the busy street.

"Well... I suppose I should start with how I died then... I was working with Torchwood after everything, making it a better place and controlling the cities alien population, you know that kind of stuff. Well, we were doing some experiments and I got caught up in the cross fire. Next thing I knew... I'm in this body," I said.

"And whose body might it be?" he asked.

"Before we became the same person, she was an American named Lily. She met the Doctor, a different regeneration, and.. He lost her. She fell through time, and found our Doctor. Then the flood gated opened and now we're the same person."

"That's... Both scary and slightly erotic. It's like a threesome but with two people!"

I gaped, shoving him away, "I don't believe you Jack! Well, actually I do. Which makes this sad."

"It's just a part of my charm," he said.

"I'm just glad to be back, it feels so nice being home. Well, not really home, but you know..."

"I understand... There's something I should tell you though... That day when the Dalek's invaded and you looked into the TARDIS, you brought me back to life. I was just ashes, and your will for life was so strong, you made me whole again. But there were consequences. Rose. I can't die," he said.

The words hit me and I stopped walking. That just couldn't be, it wasn't possible. There wasn't any possible way that I could have done such a thing.

"Don't worry. It's a good thing, you know, in our line of work. Just get back up and keep on saving the day."

"I am so sorry Jack. I.. I didn't know. I am so sorry."

"It's okay, it comes in handy-"

Before he could finish his sentence something zoomed over our heads, blotting out the sun for a moment, then a loud crash sounded followed by an explosion. We looked to where the thing crashed and then to each other. We both turned and ran back for the TARDIS, screaming for the Doctor all the way.
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