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Shh, Quiet You Might Piss Somebody Off


‘flight 119 now landing’ the intercom announced. Oh god that was their plane. I instantly got nervous. My stomach turned. I haven’t seen them in years! Not once even tried to talk to them. It’s a wonder they even forgave me. If, they forgave me. Zack could’ve easily talked them into it. That made me even more nervous.

The doors opened and I saw a tall skinny man with raven black hair. He stuck out the most.

“JIMMY!” I screamed running to him shoving people out of my way in the process. I jumped on the giant and held on tightly.

“KASSI OH MY JOHNNY CHRIST I MISSED YOU!” he yelled hugging me as well. I was latched onto him for a good few minutes.

“We don’t get hugs? Fine.” Matt said pouting like a child arms crossed and all. I jumped of Jimmy onto matt and screamed “MATTIE I MISSED YOU A LOT A LOT A LOT!” he chuckled and dropped me.

“ass..” I mumbled rubbing my butt.

“O-oh my g-g-god Kassi y-you should of se-en your f-face” Chris managed to get out.

“Fuck you” I said getting up and pouting just as Matt did earlier.

“Zacky, Brian, Johnny, Dipfuck and ass this is Chris Pontius Chris these losers are avenged sevenfold.” I said receiving a hit on the head from Jimmy and Matt. We got their stuff and went to the cars. We fit everyone in the cars, some had to lay on the floor but no one cared. I was happy everyone seemed to get along just fine. We got back to castle Bam and let the boys settle in. Zacky and Jimmy were put in my room. Brian and Matt in Johnny’s and short shit with Wee man (thanks to my suggestion). Once they were settled in the cameras came out and so did the stupidity of the 12 men I loved and lived with.

I was utterly embarrassed. The boys were being stupid. And I wasn’t completely sure how Zacky and them would react. I was currently sitting between Zacky and Jimmy leaning forward covering my face. Steveo and Preston Lacy were running around with very small fitting thongs on and singing Barbie girl remixes. As for Chris was party boying everyone in the house. Eventually Matt, Johnny and Brian came and joined us on the couch. Avoiding Chris. The others were having a mud fight outside acting like kids. I was on the verge of loosing control. Just as I thought I had my sanity under control Knoxville and Bam came in and picked me up and threw me in the mud. I was mad. No beyond mad, I was enraged. I got up with lots if problems. And threw whatever I could at whoever was by me. I think I hit Bam in the head with a rock making him bleed. Then it was all of us in the mud fighting. And I mean fighting I was throwing punches like there was no tomorrow. I hit Bam Knoxville Steveo and Chris as I got hit in return. I ran inside and the A7x boys were laughing. I never noticed how cute Brian and Zacky really were. I smiled once their smiles faded when they saw I was smiling, not only was I smiling at the two grown men whom made my heart beat a thousand times faster than it should’ve, I also noticed how I was drippin with mud and they were all clean. I ran and hugged Jimmy, he was in the middle so I would get mud on everyone not, a single person. Yeah, I’m pretty clever.

“Jimbo I missed you!” I whined

“Kassi! Off” he said shoving me off his lap.I looked up and him and noticed I even managed to get mud on his face and hair, feeling accomplished a lot happier I went upstairs and took a shower. I changed into my ‘yes, I am a jackass’ shirt and my yellow skinny jeans with my converse. I dried my hair and straightened it and I applied my usual make up. I went downstairs and the boys were clean as well. I didn’t want to know how they all managed to get clean so fast.

“Ihop anyone?” I asked

I heard a chorus of yes’s. Once we got everyone all together and accounted for, we loaded up the cars and got there in no time. Not because of Bams reckless speeding or anything. We had a total of 18 people. We got I huge table. Everyone got pancakes or waffles. Bam was pissing me off. He kept saying how stupid I was for not being smarter for my revenge on him ‘ooh oh no she threw my clothes in the pool wah wah wah’ were his word and rambled on about it. Yes he was officially drunk, he had started drinking right when we got home. He started with whisky, the drink that makes him meaner than anything. But, that didn’t stop my anger.




“YOU’RE A CUNT” that was it for me, I can usually handle anything but not being publicly humiliated, or being calling a cunt.

I stood up and ran out of there. I walked and walked and walked. The boys offered me rides but I turned them down. I was lost. It was nearing dark. My phone was low on battery. Not completely dead but almost so I decided to take a shortcut, or atleast what I thought was a short cut. I wasn’t entirely sure where it was. Yes it was a alley but it wasn’t that long. And those rape things only happen in movies right?

I decided to go against my gut feeling and it was a short distance.

I started my way down. Half way through not too bad. That’s what I thought. I was hit upside the
head and I fell to the ground groaning. I looked up and it was a man with short-ish from what I could tell grey hair.

“Ready to meet your daddy?” his husky voice said.

What? I let out a scream. Only to have him cover my mouth.
His hands slowly traveling down to my jeans. Unbuttoning them. My eyes getting more and more moist. His thumb gently rubbing the rim of my underwear. I saw the bat in arms reach. I slowly kept reaching for it. I touched the tip of it when his finger went in and started pumping. Then he slid his pride in me. Thank god I saw him put on a condom. Probably so he wouldn’t get caught or some shit. It hurt like hell, I was a virgin and was not used to such pain. I pulled the bat and hit him as hard as I could. I scrambled and got up. I couldn’t run very well. I whipped out my cell phone only to see it flash off. Shit I thought. I looked around and he was nowhere in sight. That didn’t change my mind I still made a mad dash to the street. I was running for god knows how long. I finally came across a giant house with a heartagram on it. I was pushing the second number in when I heard a voice. His voice.

“Now it’s not nice to run and ruin the fun.” I turned and the same silver haired man was standing there behind me. He must’ve hid in the dark for me to wake up, so he could follow me home and do god knows what. I quickly added the last two digits and ran to castle bam. I heard his panting behind me. Oh god oh god oh god were my only thoughts. I ran into the house searching for anyone. I was relieve to see them all in the pirate bar I ran and got a knife.

“What the fuck Kassi?!” Zacky yelled. I clearly startled him, and threw him off by grabbing a knife, seeing as how I had a phobia of them.

“So Kassi’s the name?” the man said walking into the room, mysterious and darkly.

“Who the fuck is this?” Bam asked

“What the hell’s going on!” Jimmy asked, many questions being asked by everyone and I barely had it in me to say what happened. I mustered up whatever was in me and yelled.

“H-HE RAPED M-ME!” I yelled pointing a finger at him, their heads snapped towards him and the eerie feeling of hatred was thick in the air.

I’ve never seen some of these boys run so fast. Zacky was first to punch, Knocking him out. Brian and Bam got duct tape and taped his hands. Knoxville was on the phone. I must’ve looked like a wreck dirty, puffy eyes, tear streaked face and shaking. I never even realized I started crying until I was in the arms of Brian crying softly. The man had woken up again. But luckily the police were on their way. There was a knock on the door. Chris got it and two older looking men came in. They asked who it concerned. I was getting pointed at, and so was the man.

“Alright m’am I’ll need you to step into the other room with me somewhere more private.” The taller of the two said.

“Actually officer is it alright if they can hear this too?” I asked

“but m’am there are 17 of them they can’t all be family.” The shorter one said.

“They’re more of a family to me than you’ll ever know.” I said.

“Okay then proceed” they said.

“Bam and I got in a fight and it made me super upset so I left and walked for what seemed like ages, the guys tried getting me to take a ride with them back home but me still being upset said no. I saw an alley and as stupid as it seems I though only these things only happened in movies so half way through I felt like I was safe. Then I was hit upside the head with a bat them he said ‘ready to meet your daddy’ the he you know…then I hit him in the head with the bat. I ran and checked my phone, I got it as it die. So I ran and ran and got to the gate half way through pressing the code in. he said ‘now it’s not nice to run and ruin the fun’ I finished the code and he chased me in here.” I said finishing.
Some of the boys didn’t look to happy. The cops took him away leaving me and the boys.

“Kassi I am so sorry…I shouldn’t have acted that way” Bam said

“You were drunk it’s okay...” I said looking down. Not wanting to make I contact at all.

“No its not” he said and he pulled me into a hug.

So much for camping right?
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