‹ Prequel: Give Me a Smile
Sequel: Smile With Me
Status: Finished

Smile for Me

Joker P.O.V
Haha! Harley!, is dead. Dead dead dead dead dead. Got her neck snapped, hoo boy!, some nasty man tossed her in the river. Not, haha, not me. Saaaaaaddddlllllyyyyy. My pretty Harley looked like a teeny tiny drowned kitten. I gotta find another, ha, another pet.

Haha, I’m, ah, getting kinda desperate. Y’see, I have a bit, a BIT, of a reputation around here, as, uh, as a bad guy. All I, hahaha, want is to make people LAUGH! Have a little, hoo ha!, fun. For my next trick, I’m gonna make some patients real happy. Cause a little mayhem, free, I mean, haha, SEE, some old friends. Haven’t visited Scarecrow in a few months, and poor, ha!, Ivy is without her plants. Anywho, no one wants to hang out with me, but I, hoo boy!, I gotta replace Harley Quinn.