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Sequel: Smile With Me
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Smile for Me


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It took six years. Six years in the mad house called Arkham Asylum. I celebrated my 24th birthday in a cell, arms in a strait jacket because I’d tried to kill my therapist when she mentioned Joker. The Joker is mine. He loves me, but she tried to make me forget about him.

I sat slumped in a corner, muttering to myself. Greasy hair hung limply in my eyes and I had a fresh cut on my cheek. The scars already there, the ones stretching my face into a permanent smile, were itchy. I rubbed my face into my shoulder, trying to get the feeling away. I looked up when I thought I heard alarms.
They’re fairly common in the asylum, but I wasn’t sure if they were real or not. Sometimes I hear things that aren’t there-the Joker’s laughter, his voice, people screaming, explosions. Mostly his laugh, though, taunting me as it echoes through the corridors. I closed my eyes.
♠ ♠ ♠
So, I’m writing the sequel to Give Me A Smile. I’ve never done a sequel before, but quite a few people have asked for it, and I really enjoy writing as Quinn. The basics for this story are the same as Give Me A Smile-Quinn is not Harley Quinn, the Joker is not Heath Ledger’s Joker, and he isn’t a nice guy. He’s a sociopathic, sadistic killer. He’s as random as ever. I hope I did okay on this. Please send feedback. Enjoy!