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Paralyzed by My Envy of the Night

Paralyzed by my envy of the night

Suicide's POV-

I walked home in the rain feeling like shit. Today at work was horrible cosidering I got fired for my "appearence" and my boyfriend had called to break up with me today. Needless to say, life sucked at the moment. I sneezed, great know I was getting sick to!

I walked inside shedding the wet jacket and shoes I was wearing. "I'm home!" I shouted to me best friend who I lived with, Morticia. She came running down the stairs and looked at me with a stupid grin on her face.

"What the hell are you looking at?" I snapped going to get a towel from the bathroom to dry off.

"Turn that frown upside down!" She shouted optimistically. That's strange her.

"If you haven't noticed I'm not in the most optimistic mode right know." I said dragging a brush through my ruined hair.

"You will be" She reached into her back pocket and pulled out two slips of paper. "here" She handed them over to me with an even bigger smile showing on her face.

I set the brush down and took them. I looked at them stunned. "Are you for real?"

"Yep and front row too" She smiled at me and suprisingly I was smiling too.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!" I tackled her in a hug. My best friend had managed to get get front row tickets to see our favorite band in concert, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

Concert: Angelo's POV-

The band was getting ready to play the show. I peaked out at the crowd just enought so they couldn't see me. I glanced at the front row seeing a girl with black hair and snake bites. She was pretty, but not my type. I looked away and saw another girl pushing throught the crowd coming to stand by the other girl.

Her hair was a light blonde and had a dark brown on the bottom layer almost black. She had purple on the front of the bottom layer though. She didn't have any peircings that I could see. Her eyes were a hazel and lined with thick eyeliner with wings on the side. I noticed a tatoo of the slipknot tribal S on her upper arm.

She was dressed in solid black. If it weren't for the lights, she would have been lost in the night.

The girl with peircings smiled at her and laughed. She joined in. I could just barely hear her laugh over the mumbling of the crowd. I was paralyzed by it. She hugged the first girl. Not in a lover type way, but like a best friend.

A called someone over and gave them two backstage passes pointing to the girls. He left and I watched him minutes before the show give them the passes. He left and they started bouncing up and down with excitement. I chuckled and moved to join the rest of the band till we went out.

Suicide's POV-

I hugged Morticia thanking her. A dude came by and handed us something and said from the band before he walked away. We looked at them relizing that they were back stage passes. We jumped up and down. A few minutes later the concert started.

I had a hard time concentrating on the music since every time I looked Angelo was staring at me.

When the concert ended the same guy who gave us the passes found us and directed us backstage. I was so nervous since I always made an ass of myself when I was trying to be cool.

Angelo was the first to greet us. We shook hands and he hesitated a little before letting mine go. Chris did the same with Morticia. Ryan, Josh, Ricky, and Devin said hey and walked off while Chris and Angelo l took us over to the couches to sit down.

My heart was racing a mile a minute when Angelo sat next to me.

"So did you like the show?" He asked nervously. I blushed I couldn't believe I was making THE Angelo Parente was nervous around ME!

"Y-yeah" I was pretty sure my face resembled a tomatoe right know.

"I'm glad. What's your favorite song?" He asked looking me in the eyes. Know i was POSITIVE I looked like a tomatoe.

"Um either Abigail or City Lights" I looked down. He got up and I heard paper rustling and the scratching of a pen writing. He came back and place a peice of paper in my hand that had his name and phone number.

"I like you hopefully we can get to know each other better" I looked up to see him blushing so.

"Thank you" I blushed more if it was even possible.

Angelo's POV-

I gave her my phone number and we talked a little more before she had to go. I was glad I had gaven her my number when she texted me 20 minutes later

#- Hey it's Suicide.. The girl from last night..
Me- Hey
Suicide- I'm sorry if I'm annoying you I know we just talked >.<
Me- You dont annoy me! Your awesome!
Suicide- Thank you ^u^ Your awesome too but u probably knew that considering your THE angelo parente >.<<br /> Me- Im not that awesome

I blushed a little she was so cute. I had now fallen in love with the girl who was as beautiful as the night.
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