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Paralyzed by My Envy of the Night

There's so much beauty when your eyes lay lost in all the city lights

3 days Later: Morticia's POV-

Angelo and Suicide have been talking for a few days know. I'm happy for her, her last boyfriend, David, had been with her for a year and yesterday we found out he had been cheating the whole time. She was heart broken, but talking to Angelo has really made her happy.

I on the other hand had been talking non stop to Chris. We had only known each other for a while, but we were considering having a relationship. When tour is over next month we plan to hang out more to see if it will work out.

"I'm home!" Suicide shouted from downstairs. She was a lot happier, you could tell from the way she smiled and laughed. I wish Angelo could see the diffrence, I'm going to thank him if I ever see him again.

"Gues what!" Suicide was at the door of my room smiling.

"What?" I asked grabbing my bag about to head off to work. I worked at the local tatoo shop called Crimson Stain.

"I got another job!" She layed on my bed like always.

"Great! Where at?"

"You know that coffee shop a block down from Crimson Stain? I aplied for it yesterday and they just called me to say I got the job." She smiled and got up to follow me to the door.

"When do you start?" I slipped on my shoes that were by the door.

"Tomorrow, you should drop in during break tomorrow!" She smiled.

"I gues I will. Got to go Bye" I said walking out the door.

Suicide's POV-

A few minutes after Morticia left for work I got a text from Angelo

Angelo- HEY!!!!!!
Me- HELLO!!! :D
Angelo- You seem happy :)
Me- I am I got a new job :D
Angelo- congratz :D Where at??
Me- A local coffee shop
Angelo- Sweet
Me- yep
Angelo- When do you start??
ME- tomorrow
Angelo- I might have to stop by next time ;D
Me- That would be awesome!!!

We talked more, but it was really random. I can't believe I got the chance to talk to Angelo. He made me smile. I liked him alot.. but not as a best friend, as something more.

*Month later*Chris's POV-

The tour was finally over. Angelo had really seemed to be talking a lot. On several occasions I had caught him laughing at his phone because of something Suicide sent. Morticia had the same affect on me.

As if on cue I got a text from her.

Morticia- HEY!!!
Me- Hey What's up!
Morticia- On break You??
Me- Just got finished tour and comeing to see you so I can annoy the shit out of you in person >:D
Morticia- You're so evil!!
Me- You know you love it!
Morticia- Guilty xD
Me- haha

I couldn't wait to see her.

Suicides POV-

Morticia was sitting in the shop waiting for me to get her coffee. I could tell she was texting Chris. Their tour was finally over and I was nervous about seeing Angelo.

We had become really good friends and I was falling for him hard. I hope everything worked out. Last night he texted me to ask if I would consider going on a date with him. I said yes. He was going to take me someplace in the more crowded area of the city. I was excited.

Angelo's POV-

I got ready wearing skinny jeans and a slipnot band tee. I was taking Suicide out tonight. We were going to the fair that was in town for the weekend. I still haven't told her that though. I just told her to dress casual.

I sent her a text telling her I was on my way. I started my car and followed the instructions she had given me to her and Morticia's house. While we were gone Chris and Morticia were going to have movie night.

I arrived and nervously knocked on the door I was greeted by Morticia.

"Suicide your man is here!" Morticia called upstairs. I blushed deeply.

"Morticia act your age not your shoe size!" I saw Suicide come down the stairs looking beautiful as I expected. I noticed we had on the same shirt and chuckled a little.

"I'll act like any dam age I want." Morticia walked away. Suicide giggled a little.

"You ready?" I asked.

"Yep" I offered her my hand and she took it happily.

When we got to the fair, I let Suicide picked the first ride. She chose the Cyclops (if you don't know what the cyclops is look it up, it's alot of fun!) The ride started to spin and move like a pendelum. Suicide was holding my hand the whole time and laughing.

We did bumper cars, Tilt A' Whirl, and a small, but fast rollercoaster called the Himalayas. I bought her a drink and we split a funnel cake.

It was at least midnight before we started to walk back to my car. I had to park a few blocks down because of the crowd and traffic. after the fair went out of veiw I noticed Suicide stopped and was staring at the lights from the the city. The lights hit her face beautifully accenting her features.

I tapped her shoulder and she turned to look at me. I leaned down and kissed her for the first time. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed back. The lights still hit her face perfectly.