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Paralyzed by My Envy of the Night

For the last time, I bleed myself dry to night

Suicide's POV-

I looked at the text message once again. I had a ton of missed calls from my boss. I had blown off work today. I remembered something in my bathroom that I had promised I would never use again, but I didn't think I could keep that promise any more. This will deffinatly be the last time I ever cut myself again.

I scribbled something on a notecard for morticia and place my phone by it. I went to the bathroom and found my razor that hadn't been used in five years.

Morticia's POV-

I had just got off work and was know talking to chris on the phone.

"I can't wait to see you babe" Chris's voice was very suggestive.

I pulled into the drive not noticing that Suicide's car was in the drive way.

Chris was know talking about very mature things as I walked into the house.

"Hold on baby" I said to chris and called out to Suicide telling her I was home, but she didn't answer. She probably went to sleep, but I went to check on her anyways.

I went up the stairs with chris telling me to tell Suicide hey for him. I opened her door, but she wasn't there. I saw a notecard on the bed.

Morticia, Thank you for everything. Please don't tell Angelo until he gets back. Suicide.

I saw her phone and picked it up looking at her latest message and gasped. I ran to the bathroom and saw my worst nightmare come to life.

"Morticia! What's wrong?!" I dropped to my knees and cried. "MORTICIA!!"

"C-Chris" I told him what happened and what Suicide had written. I promised to stay quiet, but I had to tell him when they got back.

Angelo's POV-

I felt horrible.The only reason I had done thatshit to Suicide was because some stupid slut kissed me and the guilt was tearing me apart.

I wanted to text her and beg her to take me back, but she would probably just ignore me. I wouldn't blame her though. I would just wait to see her in person and hope she forgave me