Sequel: Finding Forgiveness

Remembering My Childhood Crush

Reestablishing My Mind

Evgeni’s POV
I sat in my stall at the end of our first day of training camp growing more and more anxious for her arrival.
I hadn’t seen her over 4 years, Alex had tried to get her to see me but she wouldn't have it. I knew I had hurt her really bad but I was willing to do whatever in my power to make her forgive me.

“Hey, earth to Geno!” Jordan threw a bundle of shin tape at me. I looked up dumb founded and confused having been lost in my thoughts for past 10 minutes or so, “Are you coming out for lunch.”
“No, pick up friend from airport,” I began clearing up my gear.
“Oh is that the one that the Russian one that Ovechkin is all over?” Max spoke up.
“Not Ovechkin’s,” I growled, Alex would never do that to me.
“She’s hot,” Max smiled looking at Jordan with a shit eating grin.
“You stay away,” I didn’t want Max anywhere near her, it was bad enough she would be in the locker room seeing the guys half naked let alone working one on one with Max trying to put on his charm.

“Come on dude, look but don’t touch,” he surrendered.
“No, you no look, you no touch,” I got up from my stall and began throwing my gear in its bag.
“Oh I see, someone has a crush on her,” Max teased.
“No, important, you hurt you never skate again,” I threatened.

Truth was I had more than a crush on her. I loved her and I knew it. I was just too stupid to ever do anything about it and now she was giving me that second chance to prove myself to her.

“It’s ok, ignore them,” Sid put his hand on my shoulder. At least I knew he wouldn't try and pull something on her, he knew better than that.

By the time I was about to leave I had worked myself up so much I was beginning to sweat and couldn’t move.
“What’s up?” Sid slapped my shoulder.
“Sid you come with me?”
“Why?” he curled an eyebrow at me.
“You captain, she work here need meet people, they not nice… little nervous,” I admitted sheepishly.
“Ok,” he smiled.

“Geno relax, everything will be fine,” Sid kicked my foot that was constantly tapping the floor.
“I know, heart thumping, nervous.”

“Evgeni,” I heard her voice and glanced up to see her standing a few meters in front of me.

She looked amazing, all these years working as a trainer I could have guessed she would look the way she did. Her long wavy brown hair sat over her shoulders, her deep blue eyes stared straight at me and her smile was so cute and innocent, I couldn’t believe I gave that all up.

All the feelings I felt for her all those years ago came flooding back as my legs began moving on autopilot to embrace her.

My heart sank as I heard her begin to cry.
“Kira,” I made her look at me, which was probably a worse idea. Her beautiful blue eyes were glazed over, “why are you crying?”
“They are happy tears, I am happy to see you,” she wiped them away as I tucked her head under my chin as I hugged her tight.

Kira’s POV
When I saw him, I could feel my palms beginning to sweat. I didn’t think I would be this nervous about seeing him again.
“Evgeni,” I stepped around my luggage cart.
He looked up and that same smile he always wore as kids spread across his face.

I couldn’t help the tears stream down my face as his strong arms held me close, “Kira?” his large hand tilted my chin up to him.
“Why are you crying?” he looked worried.
“They are happy tears, I am happy to see you,” I wiped the tears away as he tucked my head under his chin hugging me tighter.

“Oh Kira, this Sid,” he pulled away and gestured to the man standing awkwardly behind us.
“I know who he is Evgeni,” I smiled.
“Sid this Kira,” Evgeni introduced us.

Sidney was a nice guy, he was shy and sweet. Alex told me he was a nice guy but boring just because he didn’t like to party. Not everyone was like Alex, so open and out there.

“You hungry?” Evgeni asked as he grabbed my cart.
“Starving, plane food sucks,” I grabbed my duffle bag and tossed it over my shoulder.

We went to get lunch as some small café where the owner knew them both, “We are always here for lunch,” Sidney explained.

Once we had finished eating we sat in the booth talking. Sid had left to go to the bathroom while I continued to stare at Evgeni with a smile plastered on my face, “What?” he smiled back.
“Nothing, I am just really happy to be here. You grew up on me, where’s my adorable little Zhenya?” I grabbed his hands that were placed on the table.
“He’s still around… in here,” he gestured to his heart.
“Good, because he is the one I came here for.”

“You guys ready to go?” Sid stood waiting.
“If you are,” I looked at Evgeni.
“Yeah,” he stood up and kept a hold of my hand leading me out to the car.

He was still a Russian at heart; holding my hand, opening doors for me and helping me in and out of the car, true Russian gentleman style.

The drive down to Evgeni’s way amazing. Trees were beginning to look bare with leaves littering the side of the road, it was autumn at it’s best.

He helped me carry my things inside and I got instantly distracted by the scale of the house.
“Your room here,” he showed me up the stairs.

“This is amazing,” I gasped looking around the large room with a walk in wardrobe, ensuite with a spa bath and a big glass window with a seat. Perfect for snuggling up on and watching the snow fall.
“It’s ok, second best room. Mine has balcony better than window,” he smiled.

If I was laying in his arms that window seat could be the best spot in the whole world, it would matter where as long as he was there with me.

That night I tossed and turned as I thought about home, not Washington with my parents but back in Magnitogorsk, back where everything was perfect as kids.

“Zhenya, no it’s raining and cold,” I stood cowardly on the top step to my house in an over sized yellow rain jacket and gumboots.
“So? Come on,” the mischievous little boy in blue waved from under my umbrella with the suns face on it out in the garden.
“Fine,” I pulled my little hood over my head and ran out to him, screaming the whole time.

He laughed and pulled me into his arms so we both could fit under the excuse for shelter, “Now what?”
He pulled the hood back on his blue rain jacket before pushing mine down and closing the umbrella.
“No Zhenya!” I screamed about to run away but his hand caught me.
“Stay,” he looked up and squinted as the rain hit his face and streamed down his cheeks.

He was amazing, he made me do dumb things all the time. Even if I knew we would pay for it later I still managed to get sucked into it. We spent a week curled up on the couch with the flu, our mothers feeding us endless amounts of borscht after that stunt.

Eventually it was all too much for me so I got out of bed and crept down the hallway. His door creaked as it opened and I peered in to see him asleep.
He groaned in response, his large figure turned over in his equally large bed.
“I can’t sleep.”
“Come here,” his voice was full of sleep as he pulled back the blanket for me to slide in next to him.

I could feel every contour of his bare chest pressed against my back as his arms wrapped around me. His face was nuzzled into the back of my neck, his breath blowing over my shoulder sent a shiver down my spine and made goose bumps appear all over my body.

Soon enough he was snoring again, but it didn’t matter because being here with him felt perfect, like maybe I could finally start putting my life back together.
♠ ♠ ♠
I don't think I ever made this clear in any of my stories or not but the parts when speaking that are in bold are Russian and normal is English. Also italics is obviously flashbacks.