Sequel: Finding Forgiveness

Remembering My Childhood Crush

I Hate Buying Christmas Presents

Kira’s POV
“Come on Vero and Marc are waiting for us,” I hurried Evgeni out of the front door. We had just a couple of weeks until Christmas and finally had some time to do some shopping.

We spent all day walking around the shops trying to find the right thing for each other. I went off with Vero and Evgeni went off with Marc on a hunt for the perfect gift.

We were wondering the shops with no real clue on what to buy for them when I got a message from Marc.
Marc: “I need YOUR help with V’s present. Geno keeps getting distracted.”
Me: “Ok we aren't having any luck either. Meet you at the food hall in 10 minutes.”

“V come on we are meeting the guys at the food hall, you are going shopping with Evgeni and I am taking Marc,” I waved her in my direction out of the jewellery store.
“What? I don’t want to go shopping with him,” she moaned.
“To bad,” she gave in and followed me out of the store.

Our eyes searched the area for them until I was startled by a pair of big arms wrapping around my waist, “boo,” he blew into my ear.
I turned around to see Evgeni, “hey you,” I planted a kiss on his lips.
“Got my present yet?”

He put his hands in front of my face and wiggled his fingers, “Look like I have present?”
“Well I don’t know what it is so it could be anywhere,” I patted him down, checked the pockets to his jeans, discovered the hole in his jacket and lifted up his shirt to which he pushed down in a hurry to make sure it wasn’t stashed anywhere.

We sat down and had lunch since we were already there. A couple of kids came up and asked for Evgeni and Marc’s autographs and a picture but otherwise it was a quiet lunch.

Afterwards we walked in our respective pairs to find the perfect gifts for our other halves. I still couldn’t believe Evgeni and I were together. I had to pinch myself every morning when I was woken by his lips on my forehead.

Kira: “I am 100 percent sure if you buy Marc Mario Cars for the Wii he will love you forever, he won’t stop picking it up in every store we go to.”
Vero: “Haha ok, I will consider it.”
Kira: “Got any scoop on my present? Should I raise the bar on my present?”
Vero: “Your present is amazing, simple but awesome and he picked it. He was determined to do it himself.”
Kira: “Aww V, I don’t know what to get him, this was so much easier when we were 6 years old. What do you buy a guy whose rich, famous, owns a big house and a sports car?”
Vero: “Mario Carts!!”
Kira: “Omg you are no help.”

I stopped texting her and focused on the task at hand, “Marc did he point anything out that he liked?”
It was impossible to find anything I really could get excited about giving him as a present.

“You,” he stated blankly searching though a rack of shirts in French Connection.
“What?” I wasn’t sure if I heard him right or not.
“Give him yourself,” he shrugged.
“Marc that is stupid, besides how do you know I haven’t already?” I could feel myself blushing.
“Locker room, guys talk,” he looked up, “and by how uncomfortable you look talking about it,” he smiled.
“Come with me,” he put his arm around my shoulder and we strolled out of the store.

I should have been surprised when we walked up to the Victoria Secret store, “they aren’t around,” he checked to see if the coast was clear before dragging me in the store.
I was amazed when there was a guy standing behind the counter; I thought at first he must have been gay but as soon as he spoke I knew I was incorrect.

“Ok my friend here is having a problem with a Christmas present for her boyfriend. I told her to give herself as her present and she is telling me it’s stupid, could you please back me up here?”
“Why wouldn't it be a good idea?” the man looked at me.
“Because I am not entirely comfortable in this department,” I looked nervously around the store.
“Oh don’t worry you don’t have to go all out with it, just different,” he walked over to some of the displays.

I couldn’t bring myself to like any of the tings I saw.
“Just go put it on,” Marc pushed me towards the changing rooms.

“Are you don’t yet?” he questioned from outside.
I poked my head around the curtain, “I don’t know about it, it’s not me.”
“Just show us,” he rolled his eyes at me.

I pulled the curtain all the way back and I felt like a deer stuck in a set of headlights, “what are you complaining about? Its look… good,” I batted him away.

The man walked over with something else, “try this then.”
I was relieved to see that it wasn’t another garter. I closed the curtain and stripped out of the lingerie as fast as I could.

“Show us,” Marc ordered.
I pulled the curtain back and pranced around a little, “I love it.”
“What?” Marc laughed.
“I love it,” I twirled around letting the shirt hang open.
“Good because I think that is better,” the man complemented me.
“What if I worn one of his shirts instead?” I played around with the sleep shirt.
“Even better,” Marc said as pushed me back into the change room and closed the curtain, “but still get that shirt in case you change your mind.”

We continued searching the mall for Vero’s present and was successful with a ring he planned on asking her to marry him. It made sense now as to why he wanted my help.

I decided that I still wanted to get him something and I remembered the giant hole I discovered in his jacket so I bought him a new leather jacket.

We needed a way of hiding the gifts from them so I figured I needed a new gym bag so we went and found one to stash them in before ringing them to see if they were ready to leave.

“What did you get me?” Evgeni smiled trying to snatch the bag from my hands.
“It’s a surprise, so you will just have to wait,” I poked my tongue out at him and hid the box inside my jacket.
“Come on Kira don’t be lame, I will tell you what I got you,” he continued to pester me as we headed home from the shops.
“I don’t want to know what you got me. In two days we find out,” I picked him out.
“Fine, but my present is cooler.”

Evgeni’s POV
Kira had always given me the best presents for Christmas. No matter what it was it was hers was always my favourite gift.

“Zhenya you ready?” she walked over to me with a box in her hand.
“Yes, what is it?” I bounced on my toes.
“Open it,” she smiled.

I tore open the wrapper and took the top off the little box and pulled out a gold chain with a cross hanging from it.
“Kira how? Where did you get this from?” I looked at her with wide eyes.
“That little antiques store, isn’t it awesome?” she ran the chain through her fingers looking at it for herself.
“It is amazing... mama look what Kira got me?” I loved my new necklace.

I looked down at my chest and there sat that very same necklace still as amazing as the day I got it.

I rummaged through the top drawers of my bedside table to find the box it came in. A little note fell out of the box under the tissue paper.

“Dear Zhenya, I hope you love this gift as much as I do.
I thought of you the second I saw it and had to get it for you.
Love Kira xoxo”

How did I forget about it? All these years the note sat in the box and I never thought to read it over when I missed her. It was one of the last gifts she gave to me in person for Christmas and I missed all those times we shared together.
♠ ♠ ♠
I am still trying to figure how and when this drama may or may not occur so please if you have any ideas message me on my profile, but I already have a pleasant Christmas planned for them :P