Sequel: Finding Forgiveness

Remembering My Childhood Crush

A Very Merry Christmas

Kira’s POV
“Merry Christmas,” I woke up to Evgeni in my bed placing kisses all over my face.
“Merry Christmas,” I could feel a smile spread across my face and for once I didn’t have to force my eyes open.
“Did you sleep good? You looked comfortable,” he propped himself up on his elbow.
“Sleep was amazing,” I stretched feeling all my joints crack.
“That sounded like it hurt, I give you massage later,” he climbed over me and out of my bed, “come on, presents.”
“No,” I moaned as he dragged me out of bed.
“Can I at least freshen up first?”
“Fine,” he sighed.

“Here open,” he stood in front of me holding out a gift.
“But aren't we waiting for the Sergei and his family?” I questioned.
“Just this one,” he thrust the box in my face, “I know you not like big fancy stuff so,” he waited until I opened the box.

I pulled out a leather bound necklace with a angel wing, 2 gold rings and a small cross all stained to look rather old, “You said you lost your father’s cross when you moved to Pittsburgh. I hope this is just as good,” he knelt down next to me and ran his thumb over it.
“It’s amazing, is it real leather?” I asked smiling up at him.
“Yes all real, only the best for you,” he lent down and kissed me.

“Look,” he flipped it over to show me the tiny inscription.

“One day I fell in love with my best friend
and from now on I will always love her
Love Zhenya”

“Omg Evgeni I love it even more,” I threw my arms around him, “Vero said your present was amazing and she was so right.”
“Here let me,” he took it from my hands and put it around my neck.

“Good pick?” he smiled as we both looked at the necklace hanging around my neck.
“Yes best present ever. Now for one of yours,” I got up and grabbed his present from under the tree.

“What?” he tilted his head as I handed it over. He placed the flat box on the floor and pulled the lid off. A smile appeared across his face as he pulled out the leather jacket and placed it in his lap, “Why you buy? You knew I was going to buy a new one,” he looked at me seriously.
“But you didn’t,” I kissed his forehead and headed out into the kitchen.
“But they aren’t cheap,” he protested as he chased after me.
“Well too bad, I wanted to buy it for you. Put it on.”

He unzipped it and swished it over his shoulder and slid it on.
“Looks good, very handsome,” I smiled at him from across the counter.

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, “thanks.”
He his large hands cupped my face and we got lost in a hot, searing kiss.
His body pressed up to mine, pinning me against the counter before we were interrupted by loud knocking at the door.
“Evgeni Malkin open the door, its cold,” Sergei’s voice boomed through the door.
“No, go away,” Evgeni protested and continued to kiss me.
“Come on be nice, it’s Christmas,” he sighed as I pulled away to answer the door.

It was a nice simple Christmas with Evgeni’s close friends and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
After seeing Sergei and his family off I started on the dishes. The cups and plates clinked together as my hands shaked. I was growing more and more nervous about finally being with him.

“Do you want some of the left over soup?” I asked heading into the lounge room. I didn’t get answer and when I looked on the couch I knew why. Evgeni was asleep on the couch with a blanket over his entire body, only a sock covered foot and arm dangling off the couch could be seen.

Jeffrey was sitting on the floor next to him looking adorable, “your daddy is silly isn’t he?” I petted him on the head.

I figured this would be my only chance to raid Evgeni’s wardrobe for a shirt of his and Jeffrey followed. He sat by the door as if he was keeping watch for me.

I found a solid light pink that would do the job just fine before running back to put it in my room with everything else.

Not wanting to wake him up I went into the theater room and watched some television while Jeffery curled up on the couch next to me.

Evgeni’s POV
I woke up to a mouth full of blanket. Looking around the room I found the clock and realized I had slept half of the evening away.

I heard the television in the theater room and figured Kira was in there. I plodded my way over to her still not completely awake.

She pulled the blanket and I got in next to her, “are you alright?” she asked feeling my forehead then running her hand through my hair.
My eyes instantly shut loving the feeling of her hands over my scalp, “I am fine, just tired,” I yawned.

We stayed where we were for before Kira began to pull away, “I am going to take a bath.”

She was gone for a good half an hour before she came down the stairs drying her hair with a towel.
“Really?” I smiled looking at her with hardly anything but one of my button up dress shirts. I revealed plenty of leg and I caught a glimpse of some black lace.

If this was some kind of test to see if I could control myself then there was no way I was passing.

“What?” she smiled trying not to look guilty.
“Come here,” I patted my lap.
“One second, I have something for you,” she headed back upstairs.

When she returned I could see a familiar looking green box in her hand.
“Belochkas?” I was certain that’s what she was holding.
A smile covered her face, “Just like when we were kids.”
“How?” I questioned when she handed them over and took a seat in front of me on the ottoman.
“I asked your mama to send them over.”

I opened the box and pulled back the wrapping, they smelt exactly the same as they used to. I took one out and let her take a bite of half of it before I devoured the other half of the chocolate.
“Still taste the same,” she rubbed her hands together and snatched another one.

Kira’s POV
We ate a couple more pieces of chocolate before I took the box away from him and went out to the kitchen to put it in the fridge.
He followed me out with our cups and I took them from him to rinse them out, but he stopped me.
He was right behind me turning the tap off and placing them into the sink.

“We do dishes tomorrow.” He mumbled into my ear knowing how much I loved it when he spoke English, his warm breath sending shivers down my spine. I turned around in his grasp to kiss him, his lips still tasted like chocolate making the kiss that much sweeter.

Our tongues fought for dominance as he lifted me up onto the bench and stepped between my legs. “Evgeni,” I breathed out when he finally broke the kiss to attack my neck. “Evgeni,” I was a little sterner this time and pushed his head away to make him look me in the eyes, “Are you sure you want this?”
I could see it in his eyes how ready he was for this, “Yes,” he breathed out.
“Good,” It was all I needed to drag him back to me eliminating all space between us and locking our lips together again.

He began undoing the buttons on my shirt and was kissing the exposed skin down my sternum to the valley between my breasts when my hands began an assault of their own. I wasn’t going to let him get what he wanted this quick.

Evgeni’s POV
Her hands excited my senses as they slid under my shirt and up my sides, “off,” she ordered. My hands left her hips momentarily to toss my shirt on the floor before they found their spot again.

Her hands massaged my shoulders and chest and tickled my sides sending signals south. I fought back trying not to let her know just how much control she could have over me. I went back to kissing her and continued to undo her shirt.

My tongue followed the exposed skin down to her stomach where I could feel her abs tense up as she hissed in a breath. She discarded the shirt completely from her shoulders and tossed it somewhere on the counter top. I didn’t pay attention because I was set on finally getting her out of her bra.

My hands glided up her back and unclipped it letting them free from their restriction I would have rather she never wore. One hand stayed on her back keeping her close while the other cupped one of her breast as I kissed and sucked on her protruding nipples.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled our hips together. We both instantly moaned as our most intimate parts came together.

I nuzzled in under her neck trying to compose myself but I knew it was a losing battle, she knew she had control if she wanted by my obvious excitement rubbing against her.

She was shaking though, biting her lip. I smiled devishly at her when I noticed how much she wanted to let go. But it was as if she was a step ahead of me.

One of her hands snuck under the waist band of both my track pants and briefs and had my eyes practically rolling back into my head with a less than subtle moan escaping my lips as she wrapped it around my erection.

I couldn’t take in anymore; I pulled her hands from my pants and wrapped them around my neck before pulling her close and carried her to my room.

Kira’s POV
He closed the door and pinned me up against it his kisses on my neck making me quiver, “Bed,” I gasped. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold myself up against him.

I wrestled him back starting him off in the direction of the bed to which we fell into a pile of limbs. He started kissing my breasts and then slowly down my stomach and began pulling my panties off and kissing my hip.

His smooth hands caressed the inside of my thigh making my legs tremble as his tongue did something amazing. “Evgeni!” I cried out his name as ripples of ecstasy ran through me and he left me panting, “You, now I want you.”

He made it harder to breathe when his lips captured mine stealing all my oxygen in our growing desire for each other. I helped him wriggle out of his briefs but our lips never broke apart.

He growled deep in his throat as my hand stroked his throbbing cock.
“Please,” I lifted my hips up to him.

“Oh my god!” I moaned throwing my head back as he eased into me.
“Are you ok?” he asked.
“Yes, can’t you tell a good oh my god from a bad one?”
“Sometimes sound the same,” he looked genuinely confused.
“It was a good one, now please just move,” I rocked my hips making his breath hitch.

He set a slow but very satisfying pace with strong thrusts into me, “You feel so good,” he moaned.
I couldn’t hide the smile from my face and grabbed his chin, locking onto his lips.

I loved having his body pressed against mine. His large frame covered me completely and I couldn’t hide how much I loved it.

I loved the feeling over his muscular body under my hands. His broad shoulders, his chest, his back, I loved it all.

As his kisses trailed my neck and to the spot under my ear I couldn’t help but think how amazing he was. I then couldn’t help but think if he had sex like this with every woman he had been with.

“Kira,” he moaned my name as he pressed our foreheads together. My eyes shot open, his were scrunched closed as he continued to pant, “Kira,” he did it again.

I was just thankful it was my name that was coming out of his mouth and not someone else’s.

“Kira I can’t keep…”
“Shhh,” I interrupted him with a kiss, “just let go.”
“But you…”
“Evgeni just let go.”

As he did; I felt him swell up and twitch inside me before moaning my name and that was enough to send me over with him.

Evgeni’s POV
I couldn’t hold myself together with her. She was everything I had ever dreamed she would be and more.

I collapsed on top of her, my face buried into her neck. I would normal have felt pretty pathetic that a woman had worn me out completely, but with Kira I didn’t care.

“That was…” she was lost for words.
“Amazing?” I lifted my head up to look her in the eyes.
“Yeah, amazing,” her hands cupped my face and pulled me up to kiss her.

I rolled over and pulled her into my side with her head resting on my chest, “You know I have been dreaming about that forever?” I kissed her forehead.
She looked up me briefly before resting her head on my chest again, “How long is forever?”
“Since we were about 15,” I couldn’t exactly remember. But I knew I had been fascinated by her beauty since we were kids.

“I love you Evgeni,” she wrapped her arms tighter around me.
“I love you too Kira.”
“Best Christmas ever.”
♠ ♠ ♠
@bxgurl95 I said I would post again and I have delivered. Now for some well earned sleep and to enjoy Christmas with my family and best friend.

Enjoy your Christmas, make the most of getting to see your family, I know it can sometimes be a lonely time of year for some (believe me I know) and I hope to be hearing from you all.