Status: This is a work in progress but I am updating as much as I can.

The Dead Are Living

This is a ghost story and a supernatural and I am terrible at makeing summaries but I decided to write a story and have Mitch Lucker in it. He is a ghost and if you read you will understand why he is a ghost other that him being dead and I am incorporating other bands and a origional character of my own who is named October Green.

I hope you read this but in the end if you dont there is nothing I can do.

Author's note/warning:

This story will contain some harsh language, self harm, drug and alcohol, violence and death, also some romantic situations although I have no idea how far they will all go.

And please if you are not mature enough to deal with these listed things then dont read my story because as of late I am in no mood to deal with close minded fools with the maturity level that my neice who isnt in kindergarten would be ashamed of.

If you are interested in this genre of writing please do read this. Your input is welcomed and I know next to nothing about Mitch Lucker only the bigger things so if you would help me out I would be extremely thankful.