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Mendelssohn, Motley Crüe, and More Me

Bronwyn Abigail...Mora? Very interesting... It seems the shy young-adult had the voice to say "I do" to her long-time boyfriend, CC.

Either fortunately or unfortunately for them, their story hasn't finished.

Soft-spoken--if spoken at all as she is selectively mute--as the rest of her family, "Wynnie" (as she is affectionately called) has a mind for music. With her husband's and brother's persuading, she now travels with one of her best friends on short tours for their electric violin project. On top of that, she models and does free-lance make-up and hair for special occasions.

But, sometimes life has unexpected turns in store for some people...

And sometimes, life can get a little hectic.


This story picks up a little while after the honeymoon. You shouldn't have to read the other story for this to make sense, but you might want to because it'd help.

This is a sequel to " Mozart, Metallica, and Me...Wynnie " in case.
  1. Football is on?!
    Wynnie's POV
  2. What's So Exciting?!
    Wynnie's POV - CC's POV - Wynnie's POV
  3. Here in Spirit
    Wynnie's POV