Status: I hope you enjoy this story helped me get out of my writers block

Vampire Wonderland

Victoria is a different type of person. No one understands her except for her friends at home who are Falling in Reverse. She has dreams of vampire's getting her and she cant explain them. While at Ronnie's wedding party he falls and drowns and ends up dead. But she doesn't know that. She wakes up in her Wonderland and meet's Chris and the guy's from Motionless in White. It turns out they are all vampires and the are saving her from Kuza because Chris loves her. But he wont turn her into a vampire and she gets hurt. The story goes on but you have to read it
  1. Chapter 1
    Alice in Wonderland is all I have to say
  2. Chapter 2
    The end may be confusing to some
  3. Chapter 3
    I love how Chris is the mad hatter type charecter
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chaoter 7
    I think this is my favorite chapter